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Emily Rachel Gilley: I have very dry cheeks and oily nose, powder up the t-zone but use these on the cheeks, all sorted.

Lily ferreira: straight to the point, love it

Ren Rogue: Just bought my first NYX cream blush today. I love these and I never thought I would :) thanks for the review and it does look good on the lips if I use a balm first . Eeek I have a new obsession .

Tina Ganguly: Your right Orange is great for darker skins. I am Indian,NC 40. Too drying on my lips though

Kandyce Perry: That wink at the end. :)

gethepicture: these look nice, but i reckon i'd break out?

OrlaOR92: Do you have to order NYX products online or do you know somewhere in Ireland/UK you can buy them?

Vintagedgy: really, can i use it as lipgloss?

kathy sagert: having trouble doing my eyebrows any advice their half gray and very thin from my chemo.thanks Kathy or email kathysagert@yahoo.com

Goldtube: I love these !!!!!!!

Moriah Hill: I have these and they r nice, no matter how much you gear how creamy they are when u first swatch it youll still b shocked

Belantenada: I sent u a msg :)

KWEENOA: never stop making videos, you're the best :)

cat cash: Hi to be honest maybe only online i can never find them in the US except in sears sorry hope this helps~

Maya: Just read your comment now and sorry its quite a late reply! You can now purchase them online from a uk based website, shipping is not too pricey either. Just type into the address bar nyx cosmetics.co.uk

Lisa Guadagnino: Wow...short n sweet!

Ariane Garcia: Every time i look something up, you already have a video on it! :D

Ge Rain: Can i use it like a corrector before concealer?

Jenny Yip: Love your videos! Youre one of the few people that give advice that really make sense and that are far more different than what is usually heard!

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