G36 Sztszedse Part-2 V3 Gearbox

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Molnár Merlin: Nagy segítséget nyújtottak a videóid . Köszönöm
G36 szétszedése part-2 v3 gearbox 5 out of 5

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missnikki: Whats the name of the first song you played? Its beautiful! Also what would be the difference between this and the more expensive OU7? I'm debating between the two and I don't want to spend the extra money just for the aesthetics of the OU7 when this seems just as good
ron joseph mamawan: sir? ano po bang maganda set up sa honda wave 125 alpha
XimerTracks - NCS Music & Remixes: @Easy Solutions. Heyy, I usually watch how to videos. I think you should listen to my songs :). youtube․com/XimerTracks
Vladimir Khachaturov:  
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Ascalis: I know I'm late, but I just bought this uniform and it's awesome. Maybe it's because I was stepping up from a nylon 350 NW but it really just feels comfortable and makes prime hits actually possible for once. Before I had to practically lean back to find the target in prime. Not really relevant here but the x change mask also feels really good and kinda completes the set.
Sindyred: Girl! I LOVE this video!
Bruce Protto: Caws?

G36 szétszedése part-2 v3 gearbox