G36 Sztszedse Part-2 V3 Gearbox

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G36 szétszedése part-2 v3 gearbox 5 out of 5

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Omarock: hahaha that's why we play alterIWnet then fourdeltaone, they have dedicated servers, mod support and a large community :)
Roy Pakpahan: Suzuki😍
John Blanchard: Awful, tastes like rubber!
Serge K: Девачку жалко експлуатируют гады!
Amr Fawzy: Hello 
I put remus responder for my opel astra j and I found when I am choice any mode( Economy or sport or race)and  the gearbox still on P or N , the RPM is highly without press the accelerator.
I asked if it normally or their is a problem . 
Thank you for your co operation .

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G36 szétszedése part-2 v3 gearbox