G36 Sztszedse Part-2 V3 Gearbox

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G36 szétszedése part-2 v3 gearbox 5 out of 5

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Cypeq: It's so wide to hook it to a headphone cable not shirt... and than again I would just fold shirt... It's not the worst one but it ain't good either.
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겐지: 사고 싶다
rob264978t rob: Sp 10 is a great knife for the money but they should offer it with a kydex sheath even if it costs more ! I don't like the way they riveted the nylon straps to the sheath. They didn't even use washers where they peaned the rivets over.
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Stevetheepictrooper: this is cs_office not de_office
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Evan Regehr: Shrek is my favourite Disney princess

G36 szétszedése part-2 v3 gearbox