The Best Argument For God's Existence --- Destroyed

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Piers Cadell: No.  Using the analogy of the painter, the painter must exist outside the painting, in other words the painting could not have painted itself.  And the "good explanation" that the video author expects for God is that God must exist outside of time and space in order to create the big bang.  And because he exists outside of time and space, therefore we don't need a further explanation for him in reference to making the cosmological argument, which is the real best argument for God's existence, and of which the fine tuning argument is only a sub-set.

Jeff Fitch: in enfinity, anything is possible.

zammer990: I see no reason for this to be age restricted.

Phil Dawe: I love this video!! It makes Absolute sense!!!

FaithRationale: Uncaused cause ----> Where did the Materials of the Bigbang come from? ;-) Consciousness exists .... ;-) Proving that conciousness exist in the Universe. What we have on earth are but part of the Universe we leave in. ;-) It's rather more foolish concluding there is no God without proof.

TheAlphaPyro: @TheAlphaPyro gods ability to make finger paintings has always existed and anybody who tries to argue otherwise is guilty of using reason which doesn't apply here because It would be detrimental to my obviously correct assumption.

TheAlphaPyro: This universe is better at extinguishing life than sustaining or creating it so i propose that this universe is a god's first finger painting.

John Raymond: then who taught god how to "paint"?

buktomsin: @ChristusVlCTOR "Logic it out"? Send this trash to someone else, leave me alone, please do not message me back.

buktomsin: @ChristusVlCTOR Presupposition MUCH!? How does your view of it being "in the right direction", make it right? There's to much variables in this excuse of a hypothesis. FYI you're just wasting your time, these recycled arguments have been charbroiled sense IDK Epicurus...

buktomsin: @ChristusVlCTOR God can also be a name for the "Eternal energy", but you don't like the sound of that right?

Original Dreamer: Tell me about demon possession then. Good game.

zsj1111: @somecomputergeek Most scientists believe the universe started with the Big Bang or Singularity. Time is a measure of how long it takes to travel from Point A to Point B. At the Singularity there was only a Point A, which means that its creator existed OUTSIDE time. Existing outside of time means there is no start date, and renders your "Who created the Creator" question irrelevant.

FaithRationale: Science learn that the Universe is finite. In example, there are stars that die and it is believed that our Sun will also die one day. Therefore, the best argument is that the things in the Universe have a beginning because a thing that ends must have a point where it did not exist. ;-) Therefore, there is One responsible to begin it's existence. ;-)

FaithRationale: We consider this Concious Being God because He is the uncaused cause. Indeed, God is complex and He can only reveal Himself, as much as, the human mind can take. Even science have a lot to learn from the Universe and there are things that no words can describe. Same also with God. God can best explain Himself. Man can only explain base on what he/she percieves as revealed by Him. ;-) Both the Universe and the Painting cannot exist without one that caused it to exists. ;-)

Jugglable: There must have been a first mover because of the impossibility of an infinite regress. The first mover put another thing in motion, because he is a mover. Movers move other things. What caused that first movement? Most movements are caused by external causes. But for this first mover, there was no external cause--he was the first mover; nothing else moved him. So he moved himself.

Jugglable: I never said he created himself. That would be logically incoherent, because to create himself he'd have to pre-exist himself.

Jugglable: "Sure, I can "set things in motion", but so can a tornado. Does a tornado have free will?" It sure sounds like you don't believe in free will. There is movement WITHIN a tornado, but the cause of all its movement is due to things outside of it. I'm not assuming that God exists in my argument when I say he moved himself. First mover demanded by impossibility of infinite regress. The first thing could not have been moved by anything before or after it. It moved itself. Will.

Jugglable: I'd say when God moved, he had a mover, but that mover was himself. So you don't believe in free will after're just one part of a chain. You didn't set any of it in motion, in effect you're just along for the ride in your life.

Jugglable: There is nothing that causes itself to move? Did you not cause yourself to write that comment? You've said that I have a will...does that not mean that I can cause myself to do things? Well, to say that something is dynamic by nature is saying that it is "just moving," so to speak. But we observe that EVERYTHING-- EVERYTHING -- that moves has a mover. Nothing just moves because it's just it's nature to move. Moving things are moved.
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The best argument for God's Existence --- Destroyed