Dvx100 24p Skate Montage

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dvx100 24p skate montage
dvx100 24p skate montage
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downtown dvx100 montage
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Dvx100a Test
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Skate Day 720p 24p
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First DVX100a Montage

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Luca Lotruglio: do you have any tips for someone new to a DVX100?

jonples: everything at 0, tweaking the color temperature at 4 stops towards warm. did a lot of work with the colors in post. sorry, not a lot of info but i hope this helps!

Nick Bradian: do you remember your scene files for this?

jonples: its not. its filmed in 16:9 or 856x480 (cant remember the exact number of the width)

taintedfilm: why does it look like it has lag

savakucherin: what shutter speed did you use?

brower206: is this spout worth going too?

TopSecretNissan: how'd you get rid of the 4:3 aspect ratio?

Quintin Holly: freak the haters.....thats was dope editing and nice colors on the cam

triggernometry: Did you color correct in post or these are just raw colors?

filmforellis: damn man, those colors are amazing

Daniel Cooney: what remix is this?

Marcus Ferguson: @skatible dont be a smart ass

skatekc: best dvx montage i have seen quality wise good job

mkim609: y u so @rtsy

Oehtaicrag: @skatible your mum is way overused

Kevin Corrado: yo cool edit, but i must say that looks like the least fun spot to skate ever

jonples: @skatible i told you ways to improve your montage, i wasn't being a douche homie. i wasn't even being a douche about it, i stated constructively and nicely how you could improve your montage. get over it

jonples: @skatible somebodys got sand in their vagina because i gave them constructive criticism....

jonples: @skatible its actually not, because this is the remix genius.
dvx100 24p skate montage 5 out of 5

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anita M: Hi rick I went to the patchogue site of DMV u can find it by zip 11784 or go on dmv patchogue site I started test on Amity st making left on Division st I was at stop sign street across had it but division didn’t traffic moving both ways town of patchogue in Suffolk county ny thanks so much I really appreciate the help
Luca Lotruglio: do you have any tips for someone new to a DVX100?
Kathy Kenna: The whole time you were talking about your pepper, all I could think about was one of my favorite childhood books......Five Little Peppers and How They Grew! LOL
1forawl: What's holding up Olivia from getting out of sidepiece status?
To answer that you must first ask:
Once they are no longer sneaking around, will there still be a show?
A large part of the popularity of the show is in the illicitness of their affair!
That's what's been holding her up.

Michael McHugh: I know someone who had a '69, 351W, power everything, all restored. One day in his garage he was showing us the car, he started it and the spring popped off the throttle and stuck on full open. He held the brake but it went through the wall into the family room at which time he thought to shut off the ignition.
Ruby Moon: if u like this movie go watch eny thing made by roberto benigni (italian) and if u liked the cameratography watch city of god (brazilian) ty for the review
S H 0 0 K: Oh nah this sounds wrong💀

dvx100 24p skate montage