Dvx100 24p Skate Montage

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dvx100 24p skate montage
dvx100 24p skate montage
downtown dvx100 montage
downtown dvx100 montage
24p/30p SkateMontage
24p/30p SkateMontage
Dvx100 for sale!
Dvx100 for sale!
DVX100A Montage
DVX100A Montage

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Luca Lotruglio: do you have any tips for someone new to a DVX100?

jonples: everything at 0, tweaking the color temperature at 4 stops towards warm. did a lot of work with the colors in post. sorry, not a lot of info but i hope this helps!

Nick Bradian: do you remember your scene files for this?

jonples: its not. its filmed in 16:9 or 856x480 (cant remember the exact number of the width)

taintedfilm: why does it look like it has lag

savakucherin: what shutter speed did you use?

brower206: is this spout worth going too?

TopSecretNissan: how'd you get rid of the 4:3 aspect ratio?

Quintin Holly: freak the haters.....thats was dope editing and nice colors on the cam

triggernometry: Did you color correct in post or these are just raw colors?

filmforellis: damn man, those colors are amazing

Daniel Cooney: what remix is this?

Marcus Ferguson: @skatible dont be a smart ass

skatekc: best dvx montage i have seen quality wise good job

mkim609: y u so @rtsy

Oehtaicrag: @skatible your mum is way overused

Kevin Corrado: yo cool edit, but i must say that looks like the least fun spot to skate ever

jonples: @skatible i told you ways to improve your montage, i wasn't being a douche homie. i wasn't even being a douche about it, i stated constructively and nicely how you could improve your montage. get over it

jonples: @skatible somebodys got sand in their vagina because i gave them constructive criticism....

jonples: @skatible its actually not, because this is the remix genius.
dvx100 24p skate montage 5 out of 5

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Luca Lotruglio: do you have any tips for someone new to a DVX100?
Maria Janeth Ake: haz el review del zuum titan porfa
Diny Novrianthy: Ini judul backsound nya apa si cici kalo boleh tauu... Please
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Klocuch12 d: Fajne 9/10 oceniam zrob umboxing gta sa na ps3
Helicopter Training Videos: As for the flip-flops - it was a ground lesson only - I always fly with 'proper' shoes/boots for safety.
Massil Bellili: where did you buy them ?

dvx100 24p skate montage