Barefoot Shoe Review - Fivefingers KSO, Bikila LS, EL-X- Vivobarefoot The One, Invisisble Shoes

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christianpraisedance: Xeroshoes now has sneaker hiking boots casual shoes in addition to the diy sandles and custom sandles. They continue to grow and the products they put out r the best and customer service is awesome. Never have tried vibrant but know I xeroshoes has worked well with my wide feet as a woman.
Hope whatever shoe company or shoes u wear work just as great for you

Zephyr López Cervilla: Ever heard of the VFFs Speed? They were released to market at the same time as the original Bikila. They had the same soles as those Bikilas but devoid of cushioning midsoles or insoles.

hug me India Love Me india: hey bro please give your WhatsApp number please

Oliver Moes-Okun: have you tried the vibrate signa? and also just curious how is the KSO in the water? do they dry quickly?

Jack Lord Capistrano: Try sockwa g4 it has a 2 millimeter max thin outsole

Super Saiyan 3: how much ground feel do you need? to the point where stones and glass cut your feet? lol I wear bilka's and sometimes I feel it when i step on a sharp stone or rock.

Claire Baines: A very informative review, thank you! I have worn the barefoot range for the last 7 years. I don't wear them for sports but do wear them ever day as I am more comfortable walking barefoot. I suffer with multiple back problems ranging from burst discs, numbness in one foot and several prolapsed discs! These barefoot shoes have proven to be my savour actually as I have tried so many other brands of shoe and have found them to be less supportive even though they have had more padding! I was looking at the the alternative ranges to try but after this review I think I will stay with the barefoot! Thank you again for this honest review, it has helped me. I used to do a lot of sports and would also agree to recommend this shoe for this too! 😊

BornToRunBarefoot: I worked in advertising for 15 years and did some very deceptive marketing during that time, but I never sank so low as to call a product “barefoot shoes.”

tegg02: I have the Vibram EL-X and the Vivo Stealth. If fiited very snug to your foot size,  I as also was surprised the Vivo had much more ground feel than the EL-X. The EL-X is sort of a spongy softer rubber which aborbs ground feel. Where as the Vivo is a much harder material in the sole which transmits more ground feel. So suprising the Vivo shoe feels more natural than Vibrams most minimal Toe Shoe.

Richard Harrison: Fantastic video thank you so much really helpful All of these are new and unused though...

Jon Suts: How many miles do u run in the barefoot 1's

HealthGauge: Good vid!

Michelle Yogini: I ran barefoot (skin to ground) all summer last year and loved it. I put in serious mileage.

I live in a very snowy and cold area of the United States so my barefoot running went all to hell. When I tried to go skin to the ground again this summer, it was like completely starting again.

I have the zero shoes and love them. But they weren't enough for the cold temperatures I get here. I recently got vivobarefoot ultra II for women and have never loved a shoe so much.

murray821: The new sole is upgraded for better grip as the original has almost none

h ong: beautifully reviewed, i have all  3 brand presented and 2 or more models of each brand.  this is a good review.

freemind77: Not sure how you tested all these shoes when all the tags are still on them.
Did you run in them with the tags still in place? They all look brand new, never used.
You not a salesperson for Vivobarefoot are you???

Benjamin Foster: The Vibram Bikila is to me an excellent shoe for a barefoot running experience.  the sensory experience when running is hard to beat.  i do think that the other Vibram shoes might have better road feel, but the Bikila is quite a fun barefoot shoe.

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matrat2006: I actually have both the Vivo and the fivefingers El x . Both re excellent I don't have a problem with the instep s you have described. I would say that the vivo has better thermal protection in winter but I cant really fault the El X other than that they are my favorite shoes hands down.
Barefoot shoe review - Fivefingers KSO, Bikila LS, EL-X- Vivobarefoot The one, Invisisble shoes 5 out of 5

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Barefoot shoe review - Fivefingers KSO, Bikila LS, EL-X- Vivobarefoot The one, Invisisble shoes