4K Vs 1080p Graphics Comparison - Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

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Julien Lauzon: video in 1080p lol

HYPEBRIEF TV: i cant see any difference!!

Dimitrij Glasow: And now 8k pls

Rui Barros: who's here because of ps4 pro?

atanderson93: 4k makes 1080p look like a ps2 lol too bad I don't have 4k money. Maybe when I graduate and get a full-time job, but then i'll barely have time for gaming lol

Teuku Amin: it just look the same...

changeitonem: I shake my stinky little booty to this music.

OBEDECE AL JA: Música vídeo?

david tan: If you're gaming on a native resolution, be it 1080p or 4k, you won't see a difference. But if you're using a 4k monitor while switching the game resolution to 1080p, you will undoubtedly see it's blurred - because it's not native. And then there's the zooming in on a footage which is not very accurate way of showing the difference. You won't see a difference between 20MP and 5MP photo when you are viewing at the smaller size. Sure, you can crop it 100% to pixel peep, but when playing a game, you don't do that. What for? So my conclusion is, there wont be a difference playing things at 1080p or 4k on a 27" monitor - separate monitor.

Skyridaa: not really good choice since the game can just be optimized to run at 1080p??

Young Lean: what's 4k

Lee M: thanks for the side by side comparison. the differences are far more noticeable. 

Raihan Ahmed: Can you do a far cry 3 comparison next!

matt matthew: LOL they look the same to me lol. You cant tell the difference lol. i changed the resolution for the video to 1140p because thats the highest resolution for this particular video. some of your other vids had the option to change the resolution to 4k, this one does not. I'm viewing this on a 1920x1080P screen also. Your claim that you can notice the difference is just not true. Also its cool that you can and want to spend this much money on a PC but honestly its not justifiable yet. When theres a single card that can run any game at 4k at 120FPS and never drop below 120fps than i will buy two of those cards and SLI them. This just looks like a pain for you. I am currently running 2GTX 680s in SLI. Theres no cards on the market right now worth buying. If you just built this you built to soon. Theres gonna be alot of cards coming out this year or next that are not only more affordable but they are capable of alot better performance. Cards are not even really being built for 4k. for exzample 4 titans in SLI is only capable of 30FPS at 4K. Not really worth it. The titan z which is in your build are like 3grand for one not worth it for what its capable of. I dont mind spending money for performance but the performance is not there. this build was a waist of money and its gonna be a pain in the ass to upgrade which you will need to do soon. like i said theres no graphics cards out there that can really take on 4k on modern games. what makes you think that it will be able to take on the new graphics that are coming right around the corner and run them at 4k? You probably built this as a work station also so it may be justifiable to you. From a gamers stand point i think you built to soon. that water cooling looks like a disaster to have to redue. did you water cool the GPUs too or just the CPU? Lol good luck with that. Im not hating don't get me wrong and its a nice setup. Its just overpriced for what you can get out of it.

kevypoo poo: 4k is useful for discerning "far away" objects in the screen.

haziq saeed: The best way to see the comparison is to stop the video and compare both footage. This way your eye can easily focus. 

Tavi Ghita: I'm still playing CS 1.6 on my 1280x765 monitor

Kapeesh: Watching this at 144p with 10kb speed. Living the dream.

Pug z: Great work... I'd like to see someone say that they can't see  the difference with them side by side.. 4K is much clearer even shown on a 1080p monitor... These 4K comparison videos have sold me on going the whole hog with a 4K rig.. Cheers

Dr.Gaming: when will 4K become the standard resolution for gaming? kind of like how 1080p now is the standard.
4K vs 1080p Graphics Comparison - Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag 5 out of 5

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4K vs 1080p Graphics Comparison - Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag