Dome Light Assembly Removal

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Dome Light Assembly Removal
Dome Light Assembly Removal
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Jamal: Thanks dear , can you tell how to replace dome light assembly on Camry 2010 model, as seems no way to take it out, thank you.

ben benshoff: There is a much easier way to remove this dome light. I've tried the way in the video a bunch of times and they always break. All you need to do is push the light assembly from the switch side towards the passenger side and it will pop right out. Then to reinstall put the two tabs in the slot first and then push towards passenger side while pushing up slightly on the assembly and it will go right back in. Thanks for the all the Saturn repair videos Richpin. You've helped me out of a lot of jams. The way I mentioned above is much easier than this. Try it next time you remove one Richpin.

Frank Daniels: Hey rich. Love your videos. The egr valve replacement saved my ass. Can you tell me where the fuse for the dome light circuit is located? I've checked both fuse boxes and can't locate a bad fuse or even a potential location for a dome light fuse. Im getting no power and short of ripping the upholstery I'm at a loss. Any ideas? Thanks

Skip Tracer: On the double clip side, zip tie FTW. Keep it very slightly loose so you can slide the other single clip out and cut the zip tie for bulb replacement.

Jimmy Thai: This video helped me get an idea on how to remove the dome light assembly on my Toyota Matrix! I gave up on removing the glass cover by unclipping so I just pried the whole thing off because the flat head screw driver wouldn't get into the small gap to open it. I memorized how to do it just by watching this video once! Thanks man!

MexicanNYAmerican: I have 2000 saturn SL1 with the same dome light assembly and the other day i tried to put in a LED light and it did work but then the next day it didnt even after i bought a regular incandescent to see if itd work and it wont turn on no matter if its on or door position the same is also wrong with my cargo light. Is there anything i could do to fix it PLEASE LET ME KNOW! THANK YOU

100,000 Mile Tune-Up 02: I bought a dome light assembly from the junk yard this morning, after watching this video. The plastic was so brittle I couldn't pry off the dome light cover, let alone the light housing, without cracking the plastic.  I managed to avoid any cracking by cutting the entire dome light assembly out of the foam roof.     

James Distler: Can you detach the fixture of the driver and passenger map lights up by the windshield? I was trying to replace the battery and the entire socket popped back up in the fixture and I can't get it back. I was hoping I could detach the light fixture from the ceiling with little to no damage to the fixture or car. Any advice?

Galaxy: Use a hot glue gun to mount the fixture if you broke tabs.

Andrew Coleman: I did this to my 1997 SL1, when I twisted the screw driver all the clips inside broke and it all fell! (laughs) The plastic in my car is very stale after all this time... good video though!

BIG PIMPIN: yup same here. the cover is so hard to get off. the plastic housing broke off the cover is fine. how the bulb "hooked" on was just that. i was trying to change the bulb to an LED bulb because the light was out. the LED bulb didn't even fit. then I put the old bulb back in and bent the prongs. Now it works. 'm just saying they made the whole thing pretty stupid.

VA10Miler: Getting the clear cover off was a pain. I wasn't sure where to put the screwdriver when prying. But I think it would have been better to push it straight in. There is a tab that hooks to the assembly. You need to push that tab toward the driver side, then twist to pop the cover off. I guess I'll pick up another dome light assembly next time I go to the JY.

Loren Pechtel: I had even worse luck--the clips were fatigued with age and snapped when I was trying to get the cover off. The cover sure is solid, though!

richpin06a: It would be a # 562

richpin06a: The stock bulb is not a led.

Alan Caruthers: ... and then the clips break... they always freakin' do!

richpin06a: @rgucci2 You would have to remove the headliner.

richpin06a: @Cyclingmasterseller The led bulb for the saturn is RL4410-xHP9

Cyclingmasterseller: @richpin06a Hi Rich! Great clip as usual. By the way, what bulb can I use to replace the existing bulb? I would like to order an LED bulb if I can. Thanks!

Cyclingmasterseller: Hi Rich! Great clip as usual. By the way, what bulb can I use to replace the existing bulb? I would like to order an LED bulb if I can. Thanks!
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Dome Light Assembly Removal