Minecraft FACTIONS #31 'GRIM REAPER CLASS!' - Treasure Wars S1

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Grim Reaper Class
Grim Reaper Class

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Riker-Agario YT: R.I.P Viks Bow in Battle

Vivek Purwal: 20:26

Cliipz GFX: Idiot... 44% destroy rate.. your lucky it even worked. Not a good deal Idc what you say..

Josh Sims: they had ducking reach and tracers u should have ducking banned them

CleverEel 5263: Vikk recruit people into your faction so you are more powerfull

elliott tuohey: also throw a snowball so they think its and enderperl

elliott tuohey: vikk the sythe has no pick pocket sorry i cant spell

William King: Tbest asked for a screenshot and you ditched xD

Mohammed Ali: 23:36 JeromeASF was there in chat?

wwe addict: "i want to kill you friend" i would run away!

peuinguiny on aj: 6:11 FRRRRRIIIIIIICCCCCKKKKK

ZxZ REALM: and don't sit in one spot and take ur time


ZxZ REALM: im glad u died becouse that was the dumbest stuff i ever seen

Jamie B: Y not p 5?

Richard: 2:35 Jerome in chat

Dylan McGee: That was the dumbes thing i have saw for pvp

InfernoCrafter75: Vikk those guys who killed you were cheatears they were flying .-.

Liam Thomas: He sold the BLAZE rods for 420

James Ghosh: why dont u just get a farm?
Minecraft FACTIONS #31 'GRIM REAPER CLASS!' - Treasure Wars S1 5 out of 5

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Michael Biggins: Another crappy port from Hasbro that crashed if the host leaves (should bankrupt and auction his properties or AI him. Plus, this is not real monopoly rules... You can only build or trade on your turn (horrible interface) where as in real monopoly you can conduct trades or building between turns. 5 out of 10 barely playable.
MrLuke5416: Hey, is this the Auckland Expo??
Ryan Lemon: 0:12 chris looked exactley liked ashton kutcher!!!!!!
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It's 8th Day (recalling that Genesis says the EVENING and the morning makes for the 24 hour day. So starting time being 6pm) should be 1.11.18/1.12.18. Im pretty sure something huge is to happen, hopefully including our BLESSED HOPE.
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ursadom: Оставь своё мнение при себе
HKni28ghtKH Completion: If that can play in Android
Konstantin Ivanov: Check the bed of that shave. I got two of the new stanleys and both beds were machined very poor. I filed them and now they work like they are supposed to.

Minecraft FACTIONS #31 'GRIM REAPER CLASS!' - Treasure Wars S1