Classic Brown Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Classic Brown Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial
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An Knook: ♡♡ Hello Everyone!
Thank you so much for watching today's video. I can honestly say I'm currently feeling so good. I always have these moments once in a while when I just feel very crapty. I struggle with anxiety which is somethings taking over me but right now I just feel well and I'm just trying to enjoy this moment haha. I have a few cool video's coming up, I'm working a head so I don't have the stress of; Oh I have to quickly film something.. NO I made back up video's which are already ready to go live. I feel this way I have more of a calm feeling when it comes to filming. Hope this makes sence. It kinda makes the pressure a bit less! Besides that I just wanna say thank you. I read every comment I get and I just feel so blessed because I barely get hate comments. My youtube channel such a happy place for me and thank you all so much for that ♡ you all made me feel so much more comfortable in front of the camera! ♡

Lisa Stallings Keelor: Hey An, if you have an older friend who has some excess skin on her lids from just natural aging &/or eye bags from illness, I’d love to see how you would recommend eye make up on eyes like that. 2 things I’m struggling with right now until I can have them cosmetically removed.

SuZet Rides an Andalusian: I love the halo look, but for we regular people; housewives/seniors/etc going for groceries or gas, I'd like to see this go way lighter. The eyeliner could be softer, lighter, smudged a bit, and then just mascara, maybe heavier on the outside corners. It seems like the false lashes might be a little over-kill. I'm not criticizing you, it just seems 95% of tutorials online look like you're for clubbing or the runway, not grabbing a can of dog food, and we want to look nice even for this no-stress event. Thanks! ;-)

Paula Parrish: Very pretty!

Neiva Lascoski: Que lindaa love love amei sua maquiagem

ginaclaus: Amazing!

Creative Poonam: very nice makeup like

Eva Rilova: This eyedashows colours style of makeup in the eyes is very used by Kim Kardashian

Lania Williams: Do you teach makeup classes? I will be willing to pay for 2days of classes and willing to travel to do so

steph m: How did i miss this..

Lelaine Santos: Linda 😍👏

Alba Marina Rodas Garache: You are extraordinary beautiful, I really enjoy your tutorials, most of the time I just hope I learn something new to put on practice right away (most of times I really try to recreate any tutorials the results turn out to be a disaster) you are an incredible artist indeed... 👏🏻🎨👏🏻💄😁

Elaine Dias Stoyan: Olá. Sou do Brasil. Gostaria muito de interagir com você. Se escrever em português me entende? Admiro muito seu trabalho e estou aprendendo e quero aprender muito mais com você. PARABÉNS. Pode me responder please???? 💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤

FitYetunde: i love you and your channel you make it too easy I'm too happy i found you

Yeontan's Greasy Paws: SLAYYYYYY GIRLLLL

Jared Maples: Damn i gotta get that brush set :)

Daisy like the flower: I think black eye liner will work better. I'm over the cream inner eye liner. Love your work

Chryel Renee Smoot: I always enjoy your videos. You do an amazing job on your makeup wish i could do a lot of them but I enjoy watching you do them

Janice Henderson: Simply beautiful!

Fria Roxy: Lovely look. A big fan of your make up tutorials
Classic Brown Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Classic Brown Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial