Classic Brown Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Classic Brown Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial
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An Knook: ♡♡ Hello Everyone!
Thank you so much for watching today's video. I can honestly say I'm currently feeling so good. I always have these moments once in a while when I just feel very crapty. I struggle with anxiety which is somethings taking over me but right now I just feel well and I'm just trying to enjoy this moment haha. I have a few cool video's coming up, I'm working a head so I don't have the stress of; Oh I have to quickly film something.. NO I made back up video's which are already ready to go live. I feel this way I have more of a calm feeling when it comes to filming. Hope this makes sence. It kinda makes the pressure a bit less! Besides that I just wanna say thank you. I read every comment I get and I just feel so blessed because I barely get hate comments. My youtube channel such a happy place for me and thank you all so much for that ♡ you all made me feel so much more comfortable in front of the camera! ♡

ginaclaus: Amazing!

Creative Poonam: very nice makeup like

Eva Rilova: This eyedashows colours style of makeup in the eyes is very used by Kim Kardashian

Lania Williams: Do you teach makeup classes? I will be willing to pay for 2days of classes and willing to travel to do so

steph m: How did i miss this..

Lelaine Santos: Linda 😍👏

Alba Marina Rodas Garache: You are extraordinary beautiful, I really enjoy your tutorials, most of the time I just hope I learn something new to put on practice right away (most of times I really try to recreate any tutorials the results turn out to be a disaster) you are an incredible artist indeed... 👏🏻🎨👏🏻💄😁

Elaine Dias Stoyan: Olá. Sou do Brasil. Gostaria muito de interagir com você. Se escrever em português me entende? Admiro muito seu trabalho e estou aprendendo e quero aprender muito mais com você. PARABÉNS. Pode me responder please???? 💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤

FitYetunde: i love you and your channel you make it too easy I'm too happy i found you

Vminkook's Holy Trash: SLAYYYYYY GIRLLLL

Jared Maples: Damn i gotta get that brush set :)

Daisy like the flower: I think black eye liner will work better. I'm over the cream inner eye liner. Love your work

Chryel Renee Smoot: I always enjoy your videos. You do an amazing job on your makeup wish i could do a lot of them but I enjoy watching you do them

Janice Henderson: Simply beautiful!

Fria Roxy: Lovely look. A big fan of your make up tutorials

Lexxy Marie: So I have been doing makeup for a while but I have been using this fit me foundation and it's has a lot of coverage, but when I use it it usually comes off after when I touch it. I only use like 3 swipes of the product. I can't seem to fix the problem, any tips?

Carmen Clavijo: Hi An: Please can you tell me the brushes and sponge you used, I love ALL your videos…

Broke Budget Fashionista: So Pretty!!

Dawn Young: Yes!!! Beautiful 😘😘😘 please do more looks with this palette, I appreciate your time you put into your looks. You are very talented
Classic Brown Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Price Vito: Every good and hopefully tutorial 👍thanks
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Hoszin: Tak dla informacji bo właśnie zacząłem grać talerze się nie podświetlają (nie pokazuje nazwy po wciśnięci ALT) ale jak są złote to tez sporo kosztują więc warto zabierać. Co do gadania ze zwierzętami warto kogoś mieć bo jest na pewno jedno zadanie z kotami w mieście dodatkowe. A poza tym to się zastanawiam bo dałeś postaci crafting ale bohater dodatkowy też ma więc nie wiem masz zamiar go zmienić czy rozwijać tylko u siebie a jemu dac coś innego.
ps. klucze masz w innej zakładce.
A poza tym fajny filmik. Parę rzeczy których sam nie wiedziałem ale też parę rzeczy ominąłeś jak skrzynia po bitwie z orkami na brzegu (na lewo od mostu) trochę jak byś powiedział jaki masz zamiar prowadzić postacie to też było by fajnie.

Erik_SLO6 e: Dj se enkrat posnami ampak govori slovensko kr skor nc nezastopim
Ольга Шилова: как поменять тип шрифта ?

Classic Brown Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial