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Dave Van Meter: I want to know why drill bits are not sharpened while still in the drill? It seems that if I have the correct beveled hole in a sharpening stone for the specific bit I need sharpened, I should be able to have a drill bit guide line me up with the hole, turn the drill on in reverse and sharpen the bit in three seconds. Same thing with a band saw blade hold sharpening stone against the blade and by hand run the wheels backwards sharpening the blade. In reverse.
Khadijeh A: very nice and ellegant
dragonsblood6664 dragonsblood6664: Thanks
Kubul 33: uwielbiam to najlepszy mod
Rocco Salvemini: When do u wear those shorts?
Ozzie: How come some come with lights and some don’t
Have Some Scents: awesome video brother...thank you, i gotta figure out how to get a decant or sample of this.

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