Top 5 Makeup Mistakes I've Made

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Top 5 Makeup Mistakes I've Made
Top 5 Makeup Mistakes I've Made
5 Funny Beauty Mistakes I've Made
5 Funny Beauty Mistakes I've Made

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Danielle Lanier: The thin brows were the thing back then. Maybe mine have never been very thick or full but for sure after my mom tweezed them down as a teen they haven't really come back. They are still on the thinnish side.

Carrie Meadows: Emily, I can't believe how different you looked with the thin eyebrows! I wouldn't have recognized you. The power of small tweaks, right? I used to wear my hair center parted in high school once I grew out the last bad perm. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Neither of these looks is flattering on me, I now know!

Anna: Yes Emily, Pamela Anderson screwed up my eye brows too, gladly 5 or more years ago i realize that its time to stop making them so thin.

Angie Gail: You guys are lucky. The late 70's and early 80's, need I say more ๐Ÿ˜ž

Yanna: Yep, harsh eyeliner was my move in high school. Also, using too much powder. I had very oily skin so I would apply my foundation and just dust a thick layer of powder over it.

Luz Arvelo: I have to tell you that your eyebrows now are perfect! I wish I had the same. Have a wonderful day!

MisG: Back then it was simpler times... we didnt need all this new junk and tools to feel good about ourselves, and we still had game, right? I did what you did too and i felt ok and no one judged. Now i feel bad for young girls because sometimes they dont have access or the parents wont buy them all this new social media makeup junk they tell them they need. You looked great still with all those "makeup mistakes" hot with thin brows may i add! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

jamiec24925: your super short hair was really cute!

Jade: @zoella what would your 5 be?!

RandallBelkMcFarland: I've watched you for a while now, Emily, and I've gotta say, you are so dang chipper in this video! You are always pleasant and so sweet and genuine, but you're like on the verge of hyper in this video and it's making me laugh! Thanks for always doing such great videos!

Autumn Mabis: I remember when Brooke Shields' bushy brows were THE way to do them lol

Leslie Mellott: definitely relate!") love this video..and your honesty..thought I was the only one lol

Erika Hernandez: Thank you!! Im making a few of these mistakes now!! Oh boy... Love ur videos!! Xoxo

Daix peterson: I wish I could line and smoke my lower lash line. I have Monolid Asian eyes and I have no lashes on my lower lash line. So whenever I do makeup it looks off. But if I don't do it, it still looks off because my top is done so it's imbalance. :/

Sylvia Romero: its tweeze your eyebrows not pluck. you pluck a chicken and tweeze your brows :) that's what I learned in cosmo school

Jade Hidalgo: I know this is old but.., just wanted to say because of Pamela Anderson when I was 14 I practically took off all my eyebrows! I didn't know how to pluck them, I wanted mine to look like hers so I took a razor (yes for my legs) and shaved off most of them.. and would literally just draw them on ! Oh boy did my mother FREAK OUT

GioiaFede: is this a tag? if not it should be! +emilynoel83 tah ppl and make it a thing!

brendathebusybee: I am a newbie in the makeup department lol, I love your videos, they are simple, with a lot information, love it!!!! Thank you for your time.

Morgana Vredenburg: LOL! My early day Le Grand Mistake was wearing (ineptly applied, I might add) very flat brown eyelinerย on both upper and lower lashlines, sans mascara.ย  Not the brightest thing I could have done considering how close together my eyes are...
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Top 5 Makeup Mistakes I've Made