Blazn Grillworks Grand Slam - Unpacking, Setup And Initial Burn

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Blazn Grillworks Grand Slam - Unpacking. Setup and Initial Burn
Blazn Grillworks Grand Slam - Unpacking. Setup and Initial Burn
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Michael Simon: Hey Greg. Did you upgrade to the new controller? My green mountain's temps are all over the place from right to left side of grill. Is the Blazing pretty consistent on temps? Thanks

kent keller: well rec tec grills are made over seas they are not U.S.A. made just sold here by designer only, found out the facts on that grill plus the blaz""n grill is made in the heartland of nebraska cant go wrong with a built and factor here in the usa. keep usa strong.

The Bopper: Been thinking about going with the Gridiron...any regrets or feedback you can give???  The Rec Tec is also on my short list. Decisions! lol

Greg Swift: Hey Justin, you may have to be logged into Facebook for that link to work or maybe we have to be friends? Not sure. On size... I bet 90% of the time the Grand Slam is all we need, but there are those few times I wish I had that extra foot of width of the Gridiron. I would say spend the extra $200 and get the Gridiron. I would probably go that route if I had to do it again. I'll try to get some more videos done soon and show some of the accessories we've purchased to go along with it.

Justin Wallraven: Thanks for the quick reply. For some reason the link to your facebook album isn't working for me. I'd love to see those pictures. I'm going to get something soon. I'm just having a hard time pulling the trigger. I feel like the Grand Slam is probably the perfect size for us but the Gridiron really looks nice. Do you ever regret the size? Also, any plans for any new vids any time soon?

Greg Swift: Hey Justin, thanks for the comments. Yes, we still love our Grand Slam and are still using it almost daily. Blazn Grillworks also has a Facebook page and I've posted quite a few more pics of the grill and the food we cook on it on my own personal Facebook page. I'll post the links above in the description. Once I started doing research online there were a lot of other choices and many built 100% in the USA. After lots of homework, we went with the Grand Slam. You won't be disappointed!

Justin Wallraven: Great video. I have been looking at this grill for over a year and can't find much information on the internet about it besides the little bit of information at pellet heads dot com. This is one of the best videos I've seen. Are you still happy with it?

Sean Grimes: Hey Greg. Great review.
Blazn Grillworks Grand Slam - Unpacking, Setup and Initial Burn 5 out of 5

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Blazn Grillworks Grand Slam - Unpacking, Setup and Initial Burn