IT Band Tightness - Baseball/Barbell Smash

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MattyNiceZM: The more I try to release my IT bands the more I realize how freaked they are.

I can spend hours on these suckers!

Aj Martinez: Like the emphasis of not activating any other part of your body
Keeps the focus in place

Shozimus: Great vid, I will incorporate it in the knee imbalance routine, IT band, and calf are the most problematic area's of my legs, many thanks for the knowledge You are givin us.

lifesgood9: Hello there. Just wanted to give my thoughts.

It is important to differentiate stimulating the nervous system to bring  about a release/ relaxation of a muscle and the breakdown of collagenous adhesions.
Both of these have different effects depending on what is causing the ITB to be tight in the first place.

I think this technique could be improved by targeting trigger points in the vastus lateralis. (moving the ball further anteriorly, in the middle of the muscle and at the just distal from the musculotendinous junctions. Current thinking seems to indicate more effect there. While we feel it more at the ITB. The muscle should be the target for a compression movements.
Rolling of the ball should be done along the ITB, vastus lateralis border (or junction, if adhesions are present). Care should be taken in that case to have the ball "grip" the skin to pull at the skin and slide the subcutaenous layers of fascia under it.
After this had been done, a contraction type release should be used to slide the soft tissues around under the skin (approaching the problem from the opposite direction, from inside out). Perhaps by contracting glutemax and TFL while compressing the band with the ball.

In the end we should have structually, torn down adhesions which may have formed and physiologically decreased the problematic nervous potentials causing trigger points to emmerge.
After that a good mobilization or heat would be best I think.

Let me know what you guys think.

Fermin Andujar: I really appreciate your videos dude.Super informative vids that are expanding my mind. I'm currently in massage therapy school (swedish in) and I'll definitely be using this information for my future clients. Thanks man! 

Ken Smith: DuDe! No one else gets the connection between the IT and Vastus lateralis.. Thank you!

varun ghosh: +functionalpatterns can u please talk more slowly. i can't understand everything u say. i'm not from the united states. However i love your work. Cheers! 

Little Wing: lol that's some advanced crap. it hurts too much if i just rest my other leg on top :D thanks naudi

Tyler Franklin: How often do you do myofascial release exercises?

Min Kim: Ouch!  Looks like a great new way to to release the ITB.  Another great video, Naudi! Thanks for the great video and keep up the great work.

Steven Zak: One of your FP guys recently demonstrated a release of the tensor fasciae latae, which, if I understand correctly, is very near the IT band but is slightly forward -- almost where a jeans front pocket would be -- while the IT is more directly to the side. Adding a weight of one kind or another is a great idea. My current preference for the ball is something I picked up recently called a Trigger Point Massage Ball, a cloth-covered hard ball that is simultaneously stiff yet somehow forgiving. Another great video.

TosTinMan: Good video! I've been using a golf ball against the wall.

Functional Patterns Berto: Hmm..if I'm right, so if someone flat-out has no transverse plane movement in the trunk, the IT band automatically tenses up and builds restriction?

Stefan Preiss: Great video Naudi.
Any plans to visit us in New Zealand at any stage?
IT Band Tightness - Baseball/Barbell Smash 5 out of 5

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IT Band Tightness - Baseball/Barbell Smash