Easy Eyebrows - How To DIY Plucking

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Aulia Rakhma Hidayat: Your eyebrows basically already in shape it's so beautiful. Thank you for the video <3

Nina Boston: Great video, I never plucked my own eyebrows and this was simple and easy!

Jazzy Bae: I love how easy and fast this video was! And beautiful results, thank you!❤️

Ballerina Bobblehead: This is by far the most helpful tutorial on YouTube! Also love the natural look of it, good job!

Chemi Min: would it be bad to use black eyeliner with black hair?

thecharlestoncake: This technique is so good! I did my brows with this method and they never looked this amazing! Thank you for sharing this!! ❤❤

Crackercistt: I've never plucked or did anything to my eyebrows I'm scared to death! I literally can't wait any longer I'm almost 14..xD

lili p: why am i having such difficulty actually getting a grip on the hairs eesh

Emily Stewart: Thank you! Everything else is so damn hard <3

Charis Davis: My gosh she is so pretty and this video was soooo helpful

lai salazar: Nice and easy.

Kate Edwards: Thanks, you make it sound simple! I'm nervous but going to give it a go

Jack Daniels: Girl you just became Bae

Charis Davis: THIS VIDEO WAS SOO HELPFUL!! I want beautiful brows and don't really know how to pluck them as a 13 year old, and u showed me perfectly!! Thank you!! ❤️

Beverly Horne: THE WHITE EYELINER TRICK BLEW MY MIND. I actually don't have a white liner, but can I just use something lighter than my brow color to replace that?

Spottedbluebell: The white pencil helps so much!! This is my first time and it looks like a pros done them XD

Daisy: Eh screw it, I'm too scared I'll muck up my eyebrows because I usually get complimented on them, people saying how lucky I am to have thick dark, perfectly shaped eyebrows bleeeeh I used to get teased for my eyebrows and now they are the latest trend lol. Idek

M-Sizzle Lol: But I don't know what shape I want...

Okay: I want to but im scared

jay villarreal: All the other videos I is more complicated but this one is key
Easy Eyebrows - How To DIY Plucking 5 out of 5

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Easy Eyebrows - How To DIY Plucking