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chosenpa: Great vid that every kid should watch this
Lance Domhoff: This is the best phone on the market today returned my crappy note 8 for this and sooooooo happy I did
JAMMY: ios 6 better than ios 7
Kaneish: i wish walkthroughs dident exist wasted 1200 MS Points for ppl making this look easy
Ben Atkinson: Thanks mate,I've whatched all your videos and Now all I need to get is zeus I unlocked robot 2 weeks ago :)
Guille: The comparison is wrong.
The graphics of MGS2 and MGS3 in this video are not the original from Playstation 2, in this video are in HD. PS2 has not HD graphics, has less resolution and edges are jagged.

ItsLost: Man... I miss the old times XD Not sure if you remember me... But anyway, haven't talked in a long time! My old user that might of played with you is MoBe1 or banana5575 but, anyway, gg

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