Postie Bike - Preparing For Paint

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jason white: Brilliant idea for bike protection

Jake Finley: Hey thanks for the video !!!

I am currently following this video with my own project.

Do you have any tips for keeping track of all the wires while stripping?
so when it comes to re installing the lights ect you know where they all go back to ???

Thanks Jake

hack life: Hey mark, great job! What graded buffing pad did you use to polish up the engine case?

Biker Bits: G'Day mate, I think the translation is a bit off :-) Cheers... Mark

Biker Bits: G'Day mate, no I didn't sand it down I just fully cleaned it and wiped it down with methylated spirits. I should have lightly sanded it down though. Cheers... Mark

tuhinuhi: before the primer did you sand it down at all?

Biker Bits: G'Day Charles, yeah it works really well and when winter gets closer I'll buy some wall coverings for it to keep the sideways rain out. Harry and friends are feeling the love :-) Cheers... Mark

Charles Brian Blackburn: Like the gazebo. Nice little shelter for Harry and friends.

waveman1500: Fair enough. I look forward to seeing the new colour!

Biker Bits: G'Day mate, yeah you're right about the factory paint, but I just wanted to do it for my own entertainment and for the experience of pulling it apart and putting back together... keeps me learning more about motorcycles. Great Ocean Road will be great, I'm planning on doing a video ride along it soon as some of the guys from overseas have requested it. :-) Have a great time mate. Cheers... Mark

waveman1500: I'm surprised that you're painting it. I would have thought that the factory paint would stand up to rough treatment a lot better. I'm about to do my own little 'adventure', riding the Great Ocean Road next week on a 1985 Honda CBX 250. Luckily I don't have to carry my own luggage though!

Biker Bits: G'Day mate, thanks! Cheers... Mark

SuperHotjane: Great video cannot wait for the next one..

Biker Bits: Thanks Timithy, that sounds like a great goal in life mate and I reckon you love it! I would like to travel by motorcycle in other countries too, but I want to get around and through out Australia first. Thats my first goal anyway :-) Cheers... Mark

SmithyTheStoner: Great video i always watch your videos I wanna travel the world on a bike one day something id love to do

Biker Bits: Hey guys, The Poor Man's Adventure Bike is coming along nicely. This is a quick run down on what's been happening to the little Postie Bike. Hope you enjoy!
Postie Bike - Preparing for Paint 5 out of 5

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Patricio Stegmann: Le manuel d'instructions est pourri, par contre le Revoflex est vraiment top. Ca marche tres bien !
jason white: Brilliant idea for bike protection
ray june: yamaha sniper 150 street monarch edition naman po.
Henry Alvares: why dont you anwser some questions every once in a wile because a single answer can help more than one person i have been receibing text that dont do no good to me i need answers to my particular isue if you canot answer is fine i keep looking you videos the best explained at detail on you tube. pardon my english .
aieacuuz808: pearl city and moanalua cheer leaders look better ;D
Athul Raj: Thanks. ....
Marina Belobrov: Спасибо за грамотный обзор!

Postie Bike - Preparing for Paint