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Dalavert: Largest alpine coaster is in Andorra with 5 kilometers! Its called tobotronc almost doubles this one.
Feathered Paradise: You tell people not to free fly with their own birds because your birds are different to everyone else's and they're highly trained. Yet you still lost Truman.
Al J. Granda: I have a rubber trunk mat on my 330GT. I went food shopping and my rotisserie chicken fell out of the bag and the chicken grease fell into the mat. Within 10 minutes I grabbed a wet towel and 409. It looked perfectly clean until thus morning. There were dried up stains that didn't go away. I then tried the 409 with a rough sponge and that didn't help. Do you think your method might work? I've read some people use turpitude, but I'm afraid that would remove the black finish. Thanks.
damagecase13: This is the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. Not the idea tablet. Just ordered mine though !
Piewalkermatt: Thanks for your comments JQA. This is a blitz game. Blitz is 5-10 min. Rapid chess is considered 1-2 min games.
Joe Cummings: Galvanized aluminum ?????? Wth ??
Sage Valentine: Sa

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