Ikkicon 2010 V-logs (part 1 Of 2)

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ii.poison s.09a_: whats is the ip server what hes playing on ? :D
magiccat877: so cool... i actually went there last summer 2014
POKEMONSMASHSTAR: that game is so fun i wana buy it really is so good
ᕦNightcore Xamiᕤ: die w sind box handschuhe
Pruha TV: Спасибо ничего не понятно , звук не работает .
А Мамат: Кандай ичтиниз диета мененби же жон элеби
Old Seer: Sling TV are thieves ... once they have your card number they'll illegally steal funds out of your bank account... and when confronted... promise to fix the problem and return the funds. A few tens of thousands of us have been waiting a year for this to happen.  Again, once you turn your banking info over to them.... you're a sucker waiting in line to be stolen from.

Ikkicon 2010 v-logs (part 1 of 2)