Radiohead - Burn The Witch

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Morty Fun: прям про путина песня

The Watcher: Great video...pity they forgot to write a decent tune to go with it! This sounds like a jam at a soundcheck where someone left a tape running. One of the most over rated bands of all time!

Richie O: I bought the song on iTunes but never saw the video till recently. Very disturbing to see Mrs Honeyman from Trumpton portrayed with her now teenage daughter as a hangwoman bitch.

luca Carneiro: Alguém é br

GIVE US MOTHER 3: My first Radiohead song

kiki g: What a great tribute to the band I love and a kid's program I loved in the late 70's

sungfp3: I do not know what to call this garbage, this stinks like my butt. Are people crazy listening to this child playing with tinker toys.. I guess I am the only one that realize that it is a junk.

Do I Know You: I like the video, but I can never remember what the song sounds like.

Chris Horne: mk ultra puppet suicide programers. the witches (satanists) are the ones who cry witch upon their opposition and then burn them. While the real witches enjoy bags of cash pretending to be of and for the people. The most gigantic lying mouth of all time appears to be yours eh tom.

WTF AND: This song is f**ked up

Lars Madsen: FYI, the Xs on the jug of hooch: each X represents a passage through the still, resulting in a higher concentration of alcohol. Three Xs means triple distilled. During Prohibition, that meant highly potent booze that most people could not drink, 60% to 80% alcohol.

MrNePiS: It looks like my village near Conwy in Wales. That's full of freaking wierdoes too.

Jimel Quann: So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Reid- Mc Cartey: Best band in the whole world!

Jodi Chris: Lucky bastards

Picropideng: The #metoo anthem

Ken Kanto: Suspiria prequel

Talha Barut: 😈this is fire as freak

M F: Truely disturbing tune. Feels like its talking about today's facebook society we all live in. Radiohead in a league of their own. Love it

David Jorrin: The wicker man
Radiohead - Burn The Witch 5 out of 5

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Radiohead - Burn The Witch