Radiohead - Burn The Witch

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nicky miles: Some special kind of people listening to this, God bless em. God bless me, sleep be with the crows,

MrBombastic: 1:00 you wanna be a big cop in a small town? Then freak off up to the model village

Joshua Anderson: Picture of teeth inside of smiling mouth.

Chris Syz: He should have shook his hand in the beginning!

CryptedSky: Anybody feel like witch hunts have come back these days?

Sal Puma: probably took less time to write this than the track run airbag or creep...that's how good these freakers are. LONG LIVE RADIOHEAD...freak em all. TO all the haters....write me Pyramid Song...then you can talk

Alex Warren: Why add that bit at the end?


Mike Landis: i don't remember postman pat being this morbid

Mike Hegarty: Nightmare Postman Pat!

Luis Robles: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard brought me here !!

jimvortex: postman pat meets wicker man ... what a trip !

Silverangel Rant: I see a movie remake. David Cronenberg's Camberwick Green with Joe Pesci as cider loving anti hero Windy Miller. Who's with me.

TheYamR6Sp: The wicker man (1973)

Seba Zabala: write &fm=16 at the end of the lin for higher audio quality (orks for every video, it won't take you to a version with higher quality, just improve the one of the video you are watching)

Isaac Hidalgo: NO!! NOT THE BEES!!

Aaron Derrick: This comment section: DAE DRUMPF LOL XDXD

We get it, you hate the president, guys, can we talk about something else? Like how great the actual song is?

Jordan Sullivan: Such a hard band to categorize. Also what I love about it.

aaron Ellis: my dad's my dad said the Wicker Man is the best

Knoxology: JoanOfArc is mowing the lawn in the background and it's disturbing the peace.
Radiohead - Burn The Witch 5 out of 5

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parimala nayudu: lol Peter is funny " An axe larger than her heade"😁😁😂😎
Oculista Torino: sublime!
Pali Madra: Hello can you please share the ODB details. Anyone having suggestions for ODB
scott beebe: I cant stand the bionik frame it's horrible it feels so wierd
A P: Motor läuft schön ruhig,ich gehe davon aus das sie Hana gold injektoren haben,wieviel ist Verdampferdruck in Bar?.Gruß
Mayara Santos: I LOVE YOU LINCON❤
doombybbr: dood, what are you talking about untapping? that ability doesn't involve taps, and planeswalkers do not "tap"

Radiohead - Burn The Witch