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orlibloom4: I love goodreads hauls! I wish I had managed to win a copy of The Warded Man. My copy was ridiculously overpriced. Ah well, c'est la vie. Great video :)
Sheneexvlogs: I love your hair
AzzGaard: Wonderful!! ;) Now, I follow you on Flickr... ;) (same name on Flickr 'Asgaard')

Jeo: SKIN JOBS do u make any kind of stencil? I have a few projects in mind
Blexdroiid: Veanlo completo xD esta prah :v
Zelda Rosella: Just how many nude or semi-nude women can he fit into a movie trailer?? It's like, "Sexy! Sexy! Money! Fraud! Cocaine!" But then, less than 10 minutes of this guy being interviewed is ... not enjoyable. 
蛭子能収胸グソおじさん: 恐ろし属性wwwww

Макияж smokey eyes (перевод видео)