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Sarwar Mostafa: Nice ,awesome app! downloading Rotago now..gonna recomend to all my friends soon
James Sullivan: You sir have earned yourself another subscriber
85rx7se: Does this program work to back up the Windows 10 installations (on the "C" drive) ?
Does it or can it run in a DOS like mode, like the older versions of Ghost ?
I for one, do not trust system images created while the OS or programs are in use.
Also the volume on your video is extremely low.

Joseph Smith: Body cameras for what.THEYRE on camera and video now., An still getting off
redneck400m: Hell considering the size difference in engines i dont think that 500 did to bad.
Gamer Ryx Arhen: Theres a new typing again at gen 8!!!!!!!!
Platinum WoW: What Class do you want to see next?

Макияж smokey eyes (перевод видео)