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Elmario: you will get triple vieuws if you do it in english :)
Elite Gamer: OMG push harder it feels so o o o o o o o o GUD!!!
justin dinkins: Kyle Busch starts from the back he starts 3-4 rows up. Jimmie Johnson starts from the back, he literally starts from 43rd. smdh.
User: Out of all the tutorials on youtube, yours are the best at explaining! Thank youuu soooo much for this it helped me out soo much! You're a hero
drew3811: That was the best app back in the day!!
lizards united: I just came from a kukri ceremony vid where they chop a cows head while alive wtf!!
Jussi: Will dryad make it into Maverick?

Макияж smokey eyes (перевод видео)