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Adam ONeill: "They don't put off any heat"...Ahemm....really? No. Not really. Of course they put off heat. In fact, in direct proportion to the wattage used to generate the light...just saying.
Carol Lamere: love sky
Hakeem Mulholland: The interior is most definitely beautiful why the exterior is one of the most boring examples of any Mercedes-Benz I've seen... a snoozefest with no style. I mean it's not nearly as bad as the hideous GLA class but what on earth happened? I still remember the W211 when it debuted back in 03...now that was a beautiful exterior.
PaddyFancy: This game looks like NSMB2.
Alice Caputo: Die ist juila Mutter
Kill The Wall: good book and good review. Could anyone however enlighten me on the story with climbing the mountain and getting shot? Was that really Tomas's intention to kill Tereza or did I misunderstand something?
Benjamin Winter: the end boss really is the only negative in my opinion. the lasers are OP haha. but I loved the game and it has a hidden difficulty code!

Макияж smokey eyes (перевод видео)