Suzuki Gs500f Review

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The Review - 2008 Suzuki GS500f
The Review - 2008 Suzuki GS500f
Suzuki Gs500f Review
Suzuki Gs500f Review
Regular Car Reviews:  Suzuki GS500e
Regular Car Reviews: Suzuki GS500e
Suzuki GS500F Review and Start Up
Suzuki GS500F Review and Start Up
Suzuki GS500F Review
Suzuki GS500F Review

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Renegade Moto: The addition of the fearing makes the world of difference to the looks of the gs. Good revue, thanks.

Sofya: I realize that the video is not new you might now remember how it felt; do you think this would be a good bike for a brand new rider (less than 160 lbs) or is it a little too heavy and massive?

Nikos Kolokouras: Gs 500f was my first motorbike back at 2004, black colour. My god how happy i was with that great motorbike. I bought it new and did about 32000 klm before i sold it. Realy a great motorbike!

A-Niche: Thunder f*kn Bay!

Brian LO: $2500 a YEAR just on basic insurance. JESSSUSSS and I thought $1300 per year on my 300 was expensive.

Siłauderzenia: good commuter only 3 thng is not that good = soft front supension  to big tank and to big front fairing .

Mad Dave: 450km? u mad

Chad Fraser: LMAO full insurance in Alberta on my 2016 F150 costs less than that bike.

motoloverx15 l: I bought an yamaha R1 the oldest Version with 48hp Drossel

LilDaniish: A boat?

Robert Jasso: this is a good motorcycle. .easy to ride and mantain..cheaper on gas and very light. i have the 2007 model.

ChaoticMartian: buying my gs500 tomorrow, so keen!!

wanni: nice video. In the UK we have to do 2 tests (MOD1/ MOD2). ive been training on the gs500 and i have problems with my legs being uncomfortable because of the position the pegs. also i had problems keeping most of the weight off my wrist. do you have any problems with yours?

SavageXzombiex: what is that part called that covers the motor/engine? that big plastic part behind the turn signals

exiledmoto: I realize this video is 2 years old, but I just bought an 07 GS500F for my first bike and it could have not been more spot on, especially considering we're both from Ontario and are the same body size. I'm excited to get to know the bike and develop a love for it.

DaytonaMisfits: I've ridden dirt bikes my whole life and was planning on getting a dual sport for the street next year. Now I'm really considering this bike.

MagnumPI4: Aboot

Cars bikes and chill: how tall are you? good bike for tall people? 194 cm

cesar hidalgo: nice bike men!!!!

Ethan Hensley: Insurance rape lol. I should only have to pay maybe 200$ by myself
Suzuki Gs500f Review 5 out of 5

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Renegade Moto: The addition of the fearing makes the world of difference to the looks of the gs. Good revue, thanks.
Matt Swain: I know this is a bit late... But you guys really overuse the word "freak" in your vids. Any word used that many times gets annoying. ;)
Morris: vikten?
Aleksandr Azimov: Слушал тебя слушал и так скажу ты о машинах просто 0.ты не хрена не знаешь о машинах темболее о шкоде! И вообще это смотря как ты за ней смотришь и как ездишь! Как говориться Дай дураку хуй стекляный он и его разабьёт!
RiverRuns NC: I have Sonar Professional and looking for a VST.  Looking into Z3TA+2 because it's part of the Cakewalk suite... however seeing Massive and Sylenth 1are the best currently.
From my perspective I'm not looking for much... I just want something that's easy to use.. I would be fine with the presets.
Which should I get and why?

Юрий Садовников: Нормальный движок 1,8. Резвый на низах и на верхах. Да, не экономичный, потому как не задушенный программно. Понакупают VAG 1,6 овощной, зато экономичный, а потом хотят чтобы машина ехала. Что-то одно, или ехать, или экономить.
Daddy Alex: why no batman

Suzuki Gs500f Review