Equipment Review: Best Electric / Manual Knife Sharpeners & Our Testing Winners

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Ash Underwood: Chef's Choice is Killin it! I just bought the newest version of your top recommendation. I hope it's works as well as you say.

TednTin: What the hell, am I missing something?
Does not the instruction of sharpeners say to only slide the knife in one direction?

Raechel Sykes: So excited! I've been wanting a great electric sharpener for years. Thank you so much!

Claire Chapin: These are some of the best ways I have for comparing products. ATK always test several products. They explain why they chose a winner. Usually you get what you pay for. They also give a less expensive options. I have been very satisfied with their recommendations.

Dianna A: what about a review on how to sharpen scissors and which sharpener works best

Penr0se: how do I access the ranking chart without paying money, can someone post that info plz

Tom Foolery: I have 4 Victorinox knives, some are R,H. Forschner Victorinox over 25 years old and my newest is a 10" Chefs knife. I was concerned that my older Chef's Choice 433 diamond hone (found out this is a 20º) might be putting the wrong edge on my knives so I contacted Victorinox (online chat) and they informed me that ALL of their knives are ground to 20º, however honing to 15º would not hurt and assured me that is is just a matter of preference.

Oobiedoobie: Let's see every sharpener is a Chef's Choice hummmmmm no coincidence no no no absolutely not and nooooooooo payola either LMAO

Alex B: And not a single good sharpener

IAWFilmWorks: This seems to be a paid advertisement. I'm back and forth between this and the Presto 08810. I'd like to convert my knifes to 15° but price is a factor. My knifes don't cost $200 ea nor do I cook professionally. However...I do take pride in my kitchen and want great edges on my knifes. So do I spend $132 on Chef's Choice or $53 on the Presto. Both seem to be great products. Bottom Sapphirite(MOHS #9 hardness) good enough for sharpening knifes and will diamond(MOHS #10 hardness) give you any better results. No stones or old ways...takes to long for no better results. I live in the 21st century...give me the tech side any day.
One other they use poly or mono crystalline diamonds and are they electro plated or clued to the wheel.

After trying the $132 Chef's Choice it was returned. Poor handling and cheaply made...nor did it do a good on knives.

Sidney Mathious: I have to remember Chef's Choice knife sharpeners since I need one now to sharpen my kitchen knives and leave my manual sharpeners for my pocket knives. I thank you all for this information.

nowr2run: Electric knife sharpeners put ALOT OF METAL DUST IN THE AIR, YOU SHOULD WEAR A MASK AND NOT DO IT WHERE YOU ARE PREPARING FOOD. They also shorten the life of the knife quite a bit.

Andrei Sas: Try AnySharp

Georges Mougharbel: You are such a an honest person 😂😂😂😂

Freethinking Влади́мир: My Chef'sChoice CC120, has arrived. So now I have the Chef'sChoice CC120, which is basically the same as your winner. It takes a lot of metal off for medium sharpness. It's perfect for the housewife / househusband without manual sharpening skills. To claim the resharpened blade won, is a nonsensical statement. It depends - for starters - on how the knife comes from the factory. It's brand-dependent! The Wüsthof's I have come dangerously sharp, but the Zwilling & Henkels come out poorly sharpness-wise. So winning from a Zwilling or possibly a Victorynox like you showed, doesn't mean much.

S S: I bought a lesser model sharpener from costco, it was a piece of junk. I took it back and decided not to fool around so I got the Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener" as suggested, and am very pleased. I took 2 of my older knives that were 20 degrees and recut it to 15 and it works good. Spend the $$$ be happy with this. The Stropping wheel is great for maintaining the edge every dozen uses. I also use a steel to keep the edge nice after every use.

Freethinking Влади́мир: Nothing wrong with a 20 degrees angle. This 15 degrees is a fab which won over the west for no reason whatsoever. After 25 years of manually sharpening with wet stones, I gave up on sharpening it to the point where you can shave yourself. After one time use that edge you worked on so hard is gone already. It's more relevant whether sharpening can occur without heating the edge! Heat removes the hardness of the metal. It's the #1 enemy.

By extension, a re-sharpened knife which is sharper than factory-sharp doesn't mean anything. Longevity is more relevant. And invest in a good and long honing-steel. That's the secret to everyday ultra sharp use.

D.E.B. B: Choose better meat, and you don't need a knife, you'll be able to cut it with a spoon.

gilbert henri: Now what happens if I'm left handed? I avoid sharpening or have someone else do it for me? Preferably a right handed person?

Denzel James Lim: Nothing can beat a professional human sharpenner.
Equipment Review: Best Electric / Manual Knife Sharpeners & Our Testing Winners 5 out of 5

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Equipment Review: Best Electric / Manual Knife Sharpeners & Our Testing Winners