Gullwing Sidewinder Longboard Trucks Review

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Gullwing Sidewinder Longboard Trucks review
Gullwing Sidewinder Longboard Trucks review
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Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks Stacked
Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks Review
Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks Review

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Zach Craig: @Tactics Boardshop can i put these on a top mount board like the rayne brightside?

Masta Reapa: Are these trucks only for drop troughs?

Natale La Placa: hi,
i have a deck of 38"x8" with trucks of 5.5", can i mount this Gullwing Sidewinder in my deck ?? but i mount only front truck ?

NeckbeardThePirate: What size and how soft of wheels should i get for these trucks and a bamboo drop through board?

The King: What trucks to you recommend for fast downhill speeds?

Apex: How much of an effect does this have on the turning of a board? Because I was looking at the Arbor axis boards but they don't come with double trucks and I don't think I'm experienced enough to assemble my own board.

Silver Machete: I would like trucks that have are good for cruising not much downhill but can make pretty sharp turn and are stable for going fast. Would these ones work?

Art C.: What is the middle part called, I need some extras but I don't know what their called

strange vision: will these be good for downhill? i ride a double dropped board so i figure it might actually work. but considering it wont work with regular drop through. 

Fitzy and Wippa: would these be crap at downhill evan at dropthrough

Abdullah Sultan: If your interested in these trucks and want a nice board get a sector 9 Puerto Rico

Eduardo Andrade: i have a sector9 Wedge board 31 inch long and 7.25 wide and with regular trucks on it. I wanted to make it to be able to carve more, i was thinking of getting a Reverse Kingpin truck. Will make make better for carving?

Lucas Ault: I'm building an electric longboard.  how do you think these will work?

Kaleb Devine: Can you slide with these?

Noah850: Can u make them drop through

Erickson Jordan: Just a quick thing. The kindpin (straight pin going through the bushings) does NOT MOVE when you turn. Not a big deal but its kind of common knowledge especially if you're a boarding channel... you're thinking of the blacl rubber bushings, which most of you I'm sure noticed but felt no need to mention. Either way, just bought some and flipped the hangar so I can bomb a bit safer while still getting some good carving in. Safe boarding everyone!

Russell Chapman: I just got these today. I rode for a hour and I love them

David Willison: you speak truth I ate pure crap and my hand got so swollen I almost passed out from the pain and i got a high pain tolerance hahaa and skin was hanging off me n crap but now its all good loli learned from experience

Nathan Felipe Bairros: I bought these trucks so I can not go down any street without wavering?

Hodari Harris: would these be good for sliding
Gullwing Sidewinder Longboard Trucks review 5 out of 5

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Gullwing Sidewinder Longboard Trucks review