C9/Webzen/VL's - THE JOKE OF IT ALL! (Banned)

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C9 Thailand Valkyrie Survival  Bag. 2018 EP.02
C9 Thailand Valkyrie Survival Bag. 2018 EP.02
Mu-Internacional 03/10/2011 By DaiveLG
Mu-Internacional 03/10/2011 By DaiveLG

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Nathan Alexandre: Disagreed on a few things and really shouldn't take what they say to heart, also I'm still playing from way back in of open beta and I'm fine with what has actually been fixed so far :) some things just need a little more time than others

kenan sevim: do u know almost 4 years passed from this video and webzen still has same issues and still problems with patchnotes :D

Dark Knight The Avatar of Darkness: someone save c9! we need another publisher, im dying to play this game again, but coming from webzen...pfff forget this crap company.

High Gamer: You got banned for posting this video and talking crap about the game, i'm sure they do a good job at fixing everything or else they wouldn't be in business

Pinguino Paladino: Haha :) ROFL , I already knew webzen was crap , but this is funny, they didn't learn nothing in all this time, Btw, I got banned ( For no reason ) On Archlord I , they didn't give a freak about my problem, they just did it, maybe because I didn't cash enough and had best of characters, shame on them^^

Ivaylo5: The worst this is that everything is still the same, more than 1 year you have uploaded this. and some of the new VLs and VLTs are not even active players(and don't help almost anyone) while active and kind players' application are being thrown to the garbage and almost all of the patches ninja. Only recently they started hunting the gold bots.

Shahrul Idham: haha

Zento Ravenvigor: Damn so Webzen very much blocked your account that was very unfortunate & that the company who brought Gpotato because I was okay on Gpotato's mmos like Flyff & Rappelz so if Webzen didn't do much on C9 then it was a buggy mmo mess, now I'm not offending on Webzen that much is true because I don't have a Webzen account but I used to have a Gpotato account before Webzen brought Gpotato for the truth of it for that your speaks the big truth of it good sir Aegisrick I believe you are in the right of it because you are promoting the game's community & reporting the bugs that was happening in C9.

BojonTheLegend: webzen is on the those game companies that don't understand how to keep up with the times.You can't just pop out crap in the cash shop and think thats enough for the playerbase.

AlphaKitty: The sad truth @AegisRick is that the game is superb. For me WEBZEN is like the EAGames of FREE to Play ... and the moment i saw Gpotato and webzen unite i almost died from loughter. For a moment i thought it was a April's Fool joke... And something about Black Desert - there is a rummor ,I HOPE ITS A LIE, that Webzen will take over publishing in EU for Black Desert. If that happens i will be very sad :( ... 

TheScriptBunny: I was a VL for MU Rebirth and I can agree with everything that was said in the video.

Honestly Webzen logic just astounds me. You're better off avoiding them altogether.

Louis Gonzalez: You don't need Webzen you got Neople.


BrandonRL: The only hope C9 has is if another (hopefully better) company buys out the game. I'm still waiting on wcoins I bought over 2 weeks ago. Webzen is freaking trash. The community should start a petition on getting C9 moved to a better company.


James The Domestic Foreigner: Wow, i'm thinking about quitting as well, because the servers are so crap. Is there a game out there that's just like c9 that I could switch to?

Percy Voeten: I bet these GM's all playing world of warcraft or some other retarded games wich have totally nothing to do with the webzen community. Anyway, thank you for all the c9 videos rick. Always had fun watching them. Its a shame they dont see the true value of a respected player. Last week they had a plan to ban 180k accounts wich had to be gold bot spammers. Next problem: About 2000 active players actually got banned aswell with the gold bot blocking update. So GG webzen they did it again. My friend got banned without any reason and c9 support is telling the blocked players by accident to send in tickets. He send in a ticket now his ticket has not been answered for 2 weeks. GG

TheMwarl: I remember long time ago when the chief developer of c9 have said on interview " Ive made enough profit from this game and im leaving bye bye"

Itachi Uchiha: Jeses this video made me sad. Best positive player in c9. I wish you best of luck !

Mishali: the good thing is that everyone says it at the same time :D
aegis, twehbie, ark and (not sure) wilkyway

brandon carr: Man, this is worser than Sega NA delaying PSO2 for two damn years, and I bet I three years, this company webzen will fall. I love C9 but I hate a company who doesn't take they're damn jobs serious or the game issues serious....UNACCEPTABLE IT IS
C9/Webzen/VL's - THE JOKE OF IT ALL! (Banned) 5 out of 5

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Damien Pacton: gg
Nathan Alexandre: Disagreed on a few things and really shouldn't take what they say to heart, also I'm still playing from way back in of open beta and I'm fine with what has actually been fixed so far :) some things just need a little more time than others
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C9/Webzen/VL's - THE JOKE OF IT ALL! (Banned)