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Damian Dv: haha dat bij 20 sec is nog geen 100 m van me huis hahah
Ellie Brown: Luke I am your father
-quote by Darth Vader (Star Wars)

Malachi Keating: That moment thinking SUPRISE MOTHER freakER!
leotamer5: How did I miss this? Oh well, but something I would like to say is that I am kind of glad Miko is being delayed, for complete and total personal biased. Miko is a console game, and I don't even own an xbox 360 or a playstation 3, I am certainly not going to buy any of the new generation stuff, a smaller game would be easier to port and more possible to port. Also, one more thing, there must be atleast one thing that goes boom in your game, it just wouldn't be a videogame without some exploding.
Suzanne Tate: freak YOU BOTH
Simon Nowiz: Yes, Lots of ripe fruits help a lot, but sucanat and rapadura organic sugars are ok, because they are simply dried sugar cane, which is loaded with nutrients. Its the cheap white and brown heavily processed sugars that cause all the problems.
Kryslater GV: @orrosco Hola amigo yo estoy jugando con un detalle normal y AF16X Calidad normal Directx 9 Resolución 1280X720 Lo siento mi español mal

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