Whose Will To Power Is Morality? Part 3 (Intro Track By Magus Gilmore)

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Clinton Logan: You are programmed through your subconscious this forms your habits and beliefs. Thus the formation of your morality.  Undoing these programs takes focus determination and skill most people lack.

Metoo Nunyabidness: Values are created by the individual
If you allow someone else to create your values
You are accepting slave morality

djangothecat: You said- A given external thing is considered a value when it is useful to a given telos. I agree with that definition except if what you mean by 'telos' is ONLY an ultimate goal then I would modify that to also include the many short term goals throughout life that are part of your ultimate goal. So if you are pursuing a goal, then you will value the things that will help you achieve it. I thought that you meant "value is in your mind" as if you could pick by whim any random value. Thanks.

djangothecat: That did NOT answer my question. My question was "Does YOUR life have value to YOU?" BUT! According to YOU value only exists in minds. So that means that FOOD is only a value if I THINK it is. Wow, "value only exists in minds" ??? Please answer the question and then show me evidence that only "minds decide what is of value" Maybe we should start by defining the word VALUE. Tell me your definition (after answering the other question) and let's go from there : )

djangothecat: Just a question to I-Theist. Does YOUR life have value to YOU? Because that is how I interpret it. I don't think it's about some random life having value to me but MY life having value to ME.

scott hedgcock: I am interested in your view of objective truth if there is such a thing. I could share what I believe the definition to be but at this point I am interested in your view and would prefer to have you define it.

scott hedgcock: I realize your video was about objective morality but I am curious if you give a similar treatment to objective truth. Does objective truth exist? If it does can humans access it?

Grigori: Magus Gilmore recorded a few pieces for the band Acheron, but I believe the piece featured at the beginning (brilliantly placed, as your argument is aesthetically bolstered for those of us more musically-inclined) was recorded as a short piece, perhaps just for fun. I was referred to this video by the news section of the Church of Satan, and I was happy to hear my understanding of philosophical vocabulary paying off. I think you did a fine job!

Grigori: Ah, then I will tell you it was a lovely little epistemological exercise that I thoroughly enjoyed, and will probably explore more often in the future, since I agree that what is referred to in the video as classical nihilism is functionally impossible.

Grigori: I recognized that you were arguing from the stance of neo-nihilism, though I hadn't known just what that was until I watched the video you recommended. Having a marginal amount of perspective on the matter, I would say my initial comment here was a happy reflection on an extension of the principles you hold. Am I incorrect?

Grigori: Sweet, sweet moral nihilism, your song's beauty knows no bounds.
Whose Will To Power Is Morality? Part 3 (Intro track by Magus Gilmore) 5 out of 5

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Whose Will To Power Is Morality? Part 3 (Intro track by Magus Gilmore)