Mad Pooper - Bob's Burgers

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MolleVand: who the freak is making these song, freaky as crap :D

Richard Larson: We have a new one in Colorado! Wonder if she was inspired by the show…

humbughumbughumbug: Was this recorded in Colorado??? Hahaha!!!

Aileen Perez: 4 years later and there's an actual mad pooper lol

DBF68YT: Currently sighted in Colorado Springs, CO.

KINGofkings49er: I play this song outside my bathroom when my dad been in the bathroom for a long time.....It irritates hims


Marissa Richardson: My cat pooped in my closet yesterday and I've been playing him this song all day

Mider999: The BUTTler

CONHOLIO95: Awesome Song with plenty of soul....The MAD Pooper! HA!

CONHOLIO95: Bring Back the 70's!!!

Kathryn Orozco: I always love their songs and episodes and characters wonderful show

Alpha Chimera: This makes me want to put on a white jump suit and just strut it hard style, whilst walking a pug

Siyamthanda Shuqula: i swear to god imma make this my ring tone

awesome cat: nice

Ninbitzero: The best part of the episode is the poor kid with the trombone...

fet: Bbm slide to C#m, C, Bbm
Ab, Bbm, Ab
F# and then one strike of ?

CPT Sniper: Look out everyone it's the mad pooper!!

Tammy Larson

Putthatinur Pipe: They always do a fantastic job on the music for this show. Simpsons, Family Guy, American dad and others have tried but this is the only animated TV show that actually succeeded

Alex: the butt-la

Don Potato: someone loop this please!
Mad Pooper - Bob's Burgers 5 out of 5

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Mad Pooper - Bob's Burgers