Glock 32 357 Sig Ammo Test - Accuracy, Velocity, Recoil

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ltriple ltriple: Was wondering if you have ever chronographed 357 sig PPU ammo? They claim 1,541 fps and I believe it's 660 ft/lbs.

Billy Jack: Did you get to test the velocity on the Double tap 147 grain full metal jacket flat point? If so what did you get for velocities?

Billy Jack: Your test is some of the most comprehensive velocity tests on YouTube. Keep up the good work.

Tim B.: I really wish you would have used a Glock OEM barrel to show the results from an actual Glock 32.

Cliff Chandler: 8:43 - Underwood 125 grain JHP. My goodness.....

Cliff Chandler: The Underwood 125 grain .357SIG is the only cartridge I carry. Those specs are just spectacular.

Tommy TwoGun: There's over 200 ft/lbs and 250 fps spread between the fastest and slowest! That's huge! I know this is an older video, but there's new .357 Sig ammo on the market now since this video was made, such as the Sig ammo and Hornady Critical Duty. Any plans to do an update video, cause that would be great!

CajunDave: The 357 sig never fails to impress, the underwood load is insane!

Ron McCain: Underwood is the only ammo I use in all my calibers. Great ammo. It gets the best out of each.

Steve Saephanh: the underwood is a monster... real monster 1580??

sillybilly44444444: Very informative video. Thanks for the upload!

Justin Stephens: A few months back I got my hands on some grizzly rounds, they were shooting 1,500 fps that’s the fastest velocity I’ve seen on here so far. But with that being said 1,300 fps is just fine too

Quick Dubbs: Before I saw the ballistics chart. I said the under woods, sounded like the beast, of the bunch!

Quick Dubbs: Under woods, sound most aggressive round!!

Quick Dubbs: Which gen is this Glock?

Joseph Putnam: That overbook Underwood load (10gr of Longshot) has blown up some Glocks. You should try 10gr of 800-x, which gets up to 1,500, with no pressure problems. Also all Glocks in .357 Sig, even with the factory barrels, have fully supported chambers, and as such can't get "Glock smiles." In fact, you will sometimes find .357 Sig brass with that smile on it, but those are fired from Sigs, XDs, and M&Ps.

Barry Newman: Have you ever had reliability issues with the 32.

SouthernGlockster: Speer gold dot has a lot of nerve quoting 1350 and getting barely in the 1200's.

Sam Taylor: great video. what kind of velocity are you getting with the stock glock barrel?

Scott: Were those Talon grips on the Glock?
Glock 32 357 sig Ammo Test - Accuracy, Velocity, Recoil 5 out of 5

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ltriple ltriple: Was wondering if you have ever chronographed 357 sig PPU ammo? They claim 1,541 fps and I believe it's 660 ft/lbs.
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Glock 32 357 sig Ammo Test - Accuracy, Velocity, Recoil