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minecraft y dragon ball z los mejores fans: busco servers con banco o y citys
FlyBaby: If treated well by the time you replaced that battery the costs for batteries will have dropped again, Lithium sulfur cells will be more common then and will have a much higher energy density (lighter).
Jc Fuentes: Thank you for cats died
Ulya Smile: На 0:59 не отмЕчивать,а отмечАть
Oldtimer Lee: Thank you, my friend. Have 2 Mora knives, a 511 & the Companion MG (both carbon steel). Agree with all of your comments. I, too, would highly recommend them to someone starting out & to someone more experienced, as well. Prior to getting HS Internet YT access had never heard of routinely battoning wood with a knife. Was taught from childhood to use a hatchet or ax to split wood. In the forest, to use various methods of breaking dry wood to suitable lengths for firewood, so that splitting was rarely ever needed. 
Волабуев Динис: Скажи а как тебя найти на драйве2!!
Steve Long: 😎

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