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Chase Talks: i did that and they are not under the statues
Levy Wilson: How long do you normally need to turn the crank to charge it? I got one from Goodwill and I think the battery might need replaced.
born2flyau: I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Is there an app or website that will allow me to download ATQ for Android?
Betty Ronald: Thank you for protecting the future of our children, Green Ranger Dyrus.
Park James: well done for a very precise review. btw I got a question. well sling packs are cool cause u got quick access. but holding a pack on one shoulder must be exhasting and its gonna be sagging on your shoulder. I use a messenger bag and after carrying it about 30 minutes my shoulder gets in pain so I just change it from right shoulder to left shoulder. If I do that with a sling pack, I lose the ability to access my gears in my pack, right?
Browns Fan: Did you let your demonic side out at 2:01?
Courtney's Grotto: I love that you're back on YT love! Also your makeup looks FLAWLESS!! and these brushes are to due for!!! <33

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