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Chusak Krasayan: สุดยอดครับ
GhostFlamesThe1M: ya thanks i will see what i can get and about the text idk what color to use because green and red are contrasts but the pig houses and other stuff are yellow witch doesn't go good with red and you can put my vid any where you want
sathivel chandran: What do you think of break free from your acne with Fopobiacne Secrets? I notice many people keep on speaking about Fopobiacne Secrets.
Roxanne George: А-а-а, огромное спасибо!! Я 20 лет прожила на одном месте и каждый день себе говорила, как я его не люблю!!!!
EL COMIC BOX: Happy Belated Birthday.....great books....The Batman run by Snyder and Capullo..probably the best ever....you should try some old school stories by Neal Adams...the art is phenomenal and the stories are pretty quirky!! Heartbroken? I'm so sorry....come to Texas...we can hang out!! Stay cool...I'm a big fan!!
Diasich: Посмотри там железки на голово в кончике
Ben Griffin: so cray this got 40k

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