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Собачкин ТВ: Круто лайк подписка
Лом Асхабов: السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
Как можно обучиться у вас

Pantelis GreekProfessional: That last thing he said: "Just enjoy your life"... That's something many of us have forgotten today... Especially here on my country... F*cking economic crisis...
ilaria sito: YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I think you definitely deserve more subs. Keep doing the amazing work! ❤️ We can support each other! love youuu ❤️
lol Offical: By any chance does the Blu Ray disc it comes with even a renewed Blu Ray over the old one or is it actually the old blu ray?
Rick Hunt Raslam: The laser beam projector have better image, the black look black , the white is more brightness and this 2 things give us a better contrast xperience, no need comparission , because laser technologies is the actual standar on the cinema screen proffesionals, just the price is a negative point, but if you don´t have that problem , run and buy the best actual technologie.
diamonddog257: Hey...Big Al;.... lazy camera work......no close-ups of machining, or stocking,.....or 'pricetags'...or details [chrome-lined barrels?...etc].....waste.

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