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mattmit: @karlpokus Theres a camera button at the top of the screen and you can take screenshots and videos, that go to the gallery, from the gallery you can export to the camera roll, then just drag and drop when its plugged into your computer, or just upload straight to you tube from the ipad.
Anonyme User: Thank you.
Kristel Jenkins: Ang sarap nmn ng ulam nyo sis paborito ko yang isda n yan. Sis jelly Ako din pahingi ng pizza. Ang cute ng rice balls hehe
Chessexplained: The Videos are done with Dasher, the software for the Internet Chess Club (ICC). The prepering analysis I produce with Chessbase using Houdini as analysis engine.
Summer Bailey: Just now discovered your channel but I really love this video. Great job! Also, I'm new to youtube and if you wouldn't mind checking my channel out and maybe even subscribing back as well. I'd really appreciate it.
Hot’Fiya 909: ingraven whats your xbox 360 name / gamer tag
JAM Fans: Why do these fans go fast on low?

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