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Chai Brandon: What other games you have ?
George Pascal: israel state is responsible for many war crimes, USA should disconnect from Israel, and stop using young man to give up there lives for Israel criminal state
Lal A: can you do this to a v6 mustang 2011?
Danne Hughes: Nice job ! Wish I could find one!
Akuma Is Dead Inside: ahh the good old days...
Richard Buckner: Received my X4 Friday, called in my code. Opened my email I got my tunes from 5star. Of course I picked performance first 91 octane. 2014 Raptor 6.2. This tune really woke this truck up. I barely touch the gas, you talking about responsive, this is instant response. Big difference over stock. I love it.
Christine Marquez: I would love it if they came out with a actually footstool for your feet and a actually real fifi feather duster.

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