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Chusak Krasayan: สุดยอดครับ
Big Anthony Wright: +Toon Grin Where did you get that Casper lamp in the background? It looks really cool. :)
Jevenz _91: This is the worse opening of this box for pulls I think I've seen online bar the bottomless trap hole
MMA man: Lol they thought New York was coming around to the idea of mma in NY. Little did they know...
Andrada Filip: There are several things for stoping blushing
1) Stop doing it by relaxing your body. When you blush, you can quickly help fade the redness by relaxing your muscles, particularly in your shoulders and neck
2) Don't focus on blushing. Many people focus on their blushing when it happens, worsening their social anxiety.
3) Consider calling attention to it. If a person's on a date and they do something incredibly awkward, one way that they'll save the situation is by calling attention to it: Wow Bradley that was clumsy!
4) Try rehearsing thought exercises. In order to help you feel both cooler as in physically colder, but also street-wise and to distract you from the blushing itself, try several thought exercises. E.g. jumping into a cold lake
(I learned these and the reasons they work on Zavrina blush treater website )

ChapixD: Pero tambien se puede se un video con eso meme
MilKitReviews: Hi Zhang Chi, Taking into consideration that these have a waterproof lining and the low version does not, I would recommend the low version for hot dry use. Regards, MKR.

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