Building A USB Flash Drive Cryptex!

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Building a USB Flash Drive Cryptex!
Building a USB Flash Drive Cryptex!
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Cryptex Round Lock Steampunk USB Flash Drive Review
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joel Courtney vlogs: u should make a couple thousand of them and start selling them on amazon or your website

wontonsoup13: Ingenious

LanIost: 4:35: You don't need to explain what USB storage is =P. ... Or how to use a key ring for that matter ;-). This is a super cool idea though. I think a variation that I would make would be to have IT be the thing that plugs into a USB port itself (or so it fits easier maybe have a retractable 'head'. Then, the combination itself could just connect the circuit so that it won't actually work unless the right combination is selected.
Hell, you could take this a step further and make it not even obvious it was locked. Some secret way to set the code. Then people wouldn't even know it was special, nor would they be able to accidentally delete it either since it would mount or anything. I suppose they COULD throw it away though ;-)

Daniel Groenenboom: ima hide my pron in there

jasdeep garha: jacket is too big

Zachary Tulett: adjust the widths of the pieces and make a usb grenade

Hien Vu: i really want to make one, but then ill have to buy the usb and 3d printer :(

redbeard: Really cool.

_ HARKINZATOR: The safe porn cryptex! nice

Colin Nelson: i think someone was playing flute in the background XD

JJ_SFL: if you really wanted to get to the usb you could literally just throw it at the floor and get into it.. just sayin

danny white: it unbreakable untill you take a hammer to it

Merijn Vogel: Just what I needed for a present to the soon 11-year-old friend of my daughter, hope my cheap printer can do it :-)

DrNo007: Please don’t give this to a puzzle solver xD... Although we love puzzles we don’t like trying 10000 different combinations on a lock ;)

Nathan Hunter: Is their a fax in the background?

- Will1306 -: I am not a 3d printer. I’m a human.

Olrune: couldn't someone just take off the back cap and pull out the rings?

Catsinelixe Holloway: we all know what most of us will use this for, hiding porn

Vuntedum: rather lame.

Evan Heino aka. John Lecitron: smash it care fully with a hammer if you forget the combination!
Building a USB Flash Drive Cryptex! 5 out of 5

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Building a USB Flash Drive Cryptex!