SMITE Random Moments - Episode 7

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Marqan: Troll physics!

Samuel Yejan: That TYR do... As a Warrior player myself, that was imposibruuu 

Glitchmob11: lol  its me i am ymir 2:50 :D

Aneel Kana: episod 8 plox

IceBlitZ: the zhong kui is drybear :3

Francisco Banda: LOL takes alot....ok maybe not alot but definetly less skill than smite for one reason and one reason only....the camera makes it easy to see when someone is about to gannk you but with smite,well...

Eyad BaAlawi: Drybear and Squiiddish in the same episode, there is something special about this episode. <3

Roku94Sparda: That Kids of LoL are haters of smite lol. Continue with that random moments plz, are awesome ^^!

Flok: nah, they're for the army advertisement at the start.

Félix Lapointe: rammus OP :D

Flash: No, the way he talks and is moving the camera, I liked the other guy.

League of Smitota 2: I do I play smite once in a while i think i know all the abilities (there might be one or two that i have forgotten) but i know what's happening

25fastisthebest25: wtf i feel for you apollo

Cyuss Drake: I think is just for the us army ^^

eiooeikatuu: I'm pretty sure the dislikes are because of that US army ad at the beginning of the video..

Adriwin: Because you have no idea what is happening on the screen ;)

DaPiePiece ¨: i disliked cause of the army add

gutgoisback: No you got me wrong ^^ I meant the mistake is the misspeling. There is written "IS demonbag" and not "HIS demonbag"

Kristian Rodriguez: Previous Smite vids were good... what happened here? IDK. I like Smite, but this video... nah, we need the guy that does random LoL moments to help do these vids good, don't want these random moments to die like the DotA2 ones...

Rafael Vitorino: It's not a mistake. The god Zhong Yu, his ulti, empties his demon bag (filled with souls that can be captured from his 1 + 3), by sending demons to do dmg to enemies and healing allies, only of they are near him
® SMITE Random Moments - Episode 7 5 out of 5

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Gabriel S.R: 1 shot for each time
He says battery! Hahaha thanks for the tips

Marqan: Troll physics!
philip formby: i miss john what a great guy he was
Z1VE: thx lol
Jerome St Charles: I like my titan mrl 6000
1787dude: Lolol, I think you forgot to open ur chute.
Robert Purcell: Global warming is a reality

® SMITE Random Moments - Episode 7