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Luxanna Crown guard: The one you said about saying her name as Dra-C-u-Lo-ra is Mr. Rotter, he speaks that way in the show- it's like he has his own rhythm or pronunciation when it comes to words
A. I.: Fruit salad trees are real. But the fruit on the tree must be similar (pit fruits such as cherries and plums and nectarines) or (apples and pears). But there is no way this tree in the video is real...bananas and avocados cant grow on the same tree as apples!
Joselito Manguera: I have one but I custom the cape
Pyrotechnical 22523: My school doesn't know the difference between a 4 and a 5 or a 0 and a 9 so... I'm not shocked
Richard Williams: Yes sir
Yojitha Rayarapu: hi Anita can u make a video using make up stick
NinezeroPlayer: how much?

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