Nays Postie Bike Part 3

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jason white: Awesome when YouTube community is helpful

3rR4h: Glad I am watching your series for ct110 maintenance! thanks for sharing@!!!

lonestarrider: Great job Mark and great vid!

Skeggy Cruiser: Nice one Mark! it's great when your subscribers come in handy like that, I wonder how much they would have charged at the local garage for a job like that, RSM8.

Charles Brian Blackburn: I have no experience with Posties. At all. What exactly is the Cam-Chain-Adjustment? are you saying those 2 screws you monkey'ed with are how to adjust the tension of the drive chain on a Postie?

Albert Tran: Amazing difference

Sum4Seb: Nicely done! Cheap and easy, what a world of difference between the before and after. Sounds like a brand new bike, just purring away. Good job Mark and thanks for sharing this video with us :)

Big Joe: I think you nailed can definitely hear the difference even on the vids.

Robert Paradis: Sounds good mate.

1CRA2YM0F0: The before and after is quite amazing, good job.
Makes me wanna get a Postie.

daytripp02: Great video Mark & Nay. Keep them Coming !!!!!!!!!

Servetter: Very nice to see !

weighed11: hey mark, have you ever thought about getting a bike hoist to lift the bikes up so you don't have to lay on the ground? because I just bought a second hand hospital bed for cheap($150) and it works great. no more getting up and down when you need a tool from the toolbox. Anyway Cheers 

Brian Wynn: Good job mark sounds heaps better now 

oldBRATTrider: Much quieter, Those cam chains almost never get any attention... When I rebuilt Honda Girls CT we replaced the cam chain.  I think it may have been the first time in 40 years.. lol... Ride Safe

regulardan: Great Success!! Makes me want to get a postie and do some tinkering. 

Joe G.P.: Hey Mark, cheers on the easy fix, do you have any good tips for cleaning a carburetor ?

Tankerman: If all repairs could just be that easy. Stay safe

Malcolm Robertson: Well that was a cheap fix, lucky you.

IRON MAN: Good job Mark sound awesome ! lol bacon sooo mean but funny .  I need to go through some of my ooooold photos see if I have a pic of your old postie as you call them drab yellow it was .
Nays Postie Bike Part 3 5 out of 5

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jason white: Awesome when YouTube community is helpful
Chamillionare64: @contrix1000 Locate me a baby Sasquatch, capture it, and let me know when you do. Only then can you play this abomination of a level hack.
Ammaz Ali: thanks bro 😊😉
John Williams: Hey guys what the bolt size and thread count ESC.
The Dominator: 2 0 1 5
mariy652: Игорь, спасибо Вам что выложили это видео. Уникальные знания от умнейшего профессора Натальи Петровны почему-то недоступны на каналах TV. А потому что фармацевтическая мафия жестко контролирует любые сведения об оздоровлении организма натуральными, а не химическими препаратами. Низкий поклон, крепкого здоровья и дальнейших открытий Наталье Петровне!
leo tee: hey man very nice looking cayenne, do you have lowering springs on it or is it lowered

Nays Postie Bike Part 3