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tvrtkocro28: Both are on one of the best android experiences , yes i would prefer to have m8 but in my country it costs too mutch more than nexus and i think it doesnt really make up for price difference :)
Roberta Elaine Fitness: So do you also buy your family members gifts in addition to the stockings?
Alexandria Harper: OMG I cannot recommend that NuBra enough! Thank you so so much for like ~enlightening~ me to this product!! This was like exactly what I needed to go to my friend's wedding. Thank you so so much~!!!
missmayflower: Good grief. There's only seven days in the week. Talk about over-consumption.
MakeupBySean: actual colors- blue/black black/ black pink/black orange/black and red/black
Jerico Pasague: whait what kust happend
esau ledesma: Do you know where I can buy one

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