Copper Knife Review

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Copper Knife Review
Copper Knife Review
Copper Knife Review - As Seen on TV
Copper Knife Review - As Seen on TV
As Seen on TV Copper Knife
As Seen on TV Copper Knife
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Logan's Life: Ladies... I know knives lose sharpness almost immediately after first cut. I wonder how that knife stands up to being sharpened or honed? Good demonstration ladies! 😃

Carolyn B: Garbage! I purchased this at a discount store for about $3.00 USD. I used it for about 2 weeks cutting vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes) nothing harsh. Afterwards, I couldn't even cut a non-ripe tomato. This knife isn't even worth the 3 dollars. I had to immediately try to sharpen the knife on a stone which it isn't as sharp as when purchased. I wouldn't recommend this knife to anyone. Its only good if your going to throw it away in a couple of weeks.

AstertheMaster: But does it stay sharp forever?

Kali Karen: I cut my finger when I touched the side of it. It’s very sharp. Doesn’t cut velveeta cheese as well as real cheese.

Master Daddy: I own 2 of them. They are sharp as hell and best knife you will get for 5 bucks.

Archerfish Johns: You're doing the paper test wrong

StocktonNative 209: I'm here for the....well, you know.

Shirley Thompson: I believe the holes in the knife is why the cheese falls off

shane lauer: Another thing you could do is cut some potatoes. Potatoes stick like cheese when you cut them sometimes.

shane lauer: I wrote a bad review then watched the whole video and you guys actually did very well. Good going! Merry Christmas!

abjsf69: Hahaha..."cutting the cheese", hahaha...
You ladies are so funny, love your videos.

johnm893: cutting the cheese lol!!!!! anyway i havent bought those knifes yet but i found some dandy generic knife sets that are in many different colors....they are all some kind of metal and they are wonderful...and thses sets were only $9.99....there are 3 of them from paring to i guess big chopping...they all are very good with tomatoes to paper....i found mine at aldi s....keep your fun posts coming.....

IndyDuane: got this knife today in mail off ebay plan on trying it out this weekend when i make my homemade beef stew in crockpot

kfly 007: So it's a good cheese cutter lol

Rob C: Great review ladies, I always get a chuckle, out of them, even if you sound ten sometimes haha 😜

Richard Mika: picked up the rock n chop knife to much copper out now whats the holes for carrots

Christy's Cooking Channel: For the price, it's definitely worth it. Thanks for the review😃

Freakin' Reviews: Looks like those tomatoes will have some extra fiber in them after the wood test! This looks a lot like a copper version of the Aeroknife that came out a few years ago. Great demonstrations!

Gaye Lee: Yes Cathy you did make me nervous last time but I did watch because I knew you could do it!! LOL! Racheal great pun on the cheese!
Copper Knife Review 5 out of 5

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Copper Knife Review