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Catherine Keve: WHAT SONG IS THIS???
johana flores: Bien funciona
Phillip Witt: Okay I'm interested in the Shadowless packs if you have any left.  I'm not sure how much I would pay but let me know if you have anymore for sale.
CMC Gaming: ... and makes Jhin and Xerath get down with the quicknes ... uh-ah-ah-ah lmao XD
Crymson Nite: 50% of those enchantments do nothing for the item they're on, lazy "modding"
Rachelle Walters: What if Trump named his appointees "Czars" like Obama did 🤔 LIBERAL heads would explode, and if would be "proof of collusion"
Frank Schuler: Great review, as usual! Now I understand why this guy is so damn expensive...

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