Big Loose Curls For Summer! | (Tutorial & Review)

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Big Loose Curls for Summer!   (Tutorial & Review)
Big Loose Curls for Summer! (Tutorial & Review)
Easy Loose Curls in under 10 mins   viviannnv
Easy Loose Curls in under 10 mins viviannnv
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Summer Loose Curls
Summer Loose Curls

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Alex Martins: Seriously, do you think you really know how to use Marcel curling iron? What a waste...

Anna Bruen: Love your eye look in this. Do you have a video for it?

Cynthia Marrufo: I never knew that you didn't have to use the clip on a curling iron? I'm not very hair savvy so. But thanks for this I now owe you my life!!

mahimi athma: wow it's easy and your beautiful

crisleiry martinez: me gusto mucho

Julie Lewis: Thank you 🌼

Emma Muir: Whoooaaaaaa your hair curls so FAST you're so lucky!!!! My hair is dead straight and stubborn

Герман Лепёхин: бляяя

Jessica Stewart: my hair is so resilient to curls, I can never get it to stay any tips

wing123ny: What brand if the curling iron you use in this video? it looks nice and long. Thanks.

Katelyn's Way: Is this the rainbow gold curling iron?

Pinksupergrl95: I have a weird hair "calic" too! or is it a "cow lick?" LoL Mines in front. Love this tutorial. What brand hairspray did you use?

Mayah 615: How long do the curls last

Jasleen Toor: If you have thick hair guys get 1.5 curling iron i love mine!

Kim Vu: Do you have to use the clamp? The one i own has a clamp and im wondering if you really need it.

Yasmin Alia: my curling iron is thinner than that. will i still get the same look? :/

Tien Ho: Did curling iron make your hair dried ?

AnnaNoah Mannix: I just got my first Hot Tools curling iron! This video helped me so much! I also have a 1 1/4 inch iron. Thank you! By the way, what metal is your iron? I have a Titanium but I know that they make a gold, ceramic, nano-ceramic along with Titanium. ❤️✨

Lilyan Davidson: how long do u let it sit and heat up

SakuraPrincess: Ugh, my hair is twice as long as yours and I mistakingly got a really thin curling iron (looks like it's 1/2-3/4 of an inch, and it sucks! I can't get my hair to stay and I wanted to do my whole head but I can't because it's too small, UGH!!!!!!!
Big Loose Curls for Summer! | (Tutorial & Review) 5 out of 5

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Big Loose Curls for Summer! | (Tutorial & Review)