Big Loose Curls For Summer! | (Tutorial & Review)

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Big Loose Curls for Summer!   (Tutorial & Review)
Big Loose Curls for Summer! (Tutorial & Review)
Big Loose Curls!
Big Loose Curls!
How to get big loose curls
How to get big loose curls
Effortless. Loose Summer Curls!
Effortless. Loose Summer Curls!

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Nicole Castillo: Your hair curls sooo easily. Lol. Mine won’t do that lol

Simply. Erika: Thanks for the tutorial!! I just made one too :)

gloomy bear: How do you make them last longer?

eunrod4: Oh wow! I didn’t realize you were using a regular curling iron as a wand 😲!! I didn’t know you could do that! I’m going to be trying it out ASAP 🙌🏼👍🏼🙌🏼

Jessie J.: You look a lot like ashley dulaney. She is an actress in a lot of lifetime movies!

Kendra: What type of curling iron did you use?

Bianca Stewart: What do you use in your hair? Do you have to use hair spray? I can't stand the feel of hair spray.

Brooke Danae: What are the two products you use?

Tee Marie: Love your hair color! This will definitely help out. Thanks!

Ithirstyforknowledge: Isnt the handle on side to wrap on barrel and hold with the handle?

Anxiety! Atthecoffeeshop: I have the same curling iron just yellow

Jobelle Collie: being disabled, clipping hair under the curling iron clamp was not possible. just wrapping my hair, I think I can do this!

Nancy Matias: Hi Sooo.beautiful...from.Argentina😃🇦🇷

Rosalizchan890: love this tutorial, easy to follow ☺🙂

Alex Martins: Seriously, do you think you really know how to use Marcel curling iron? What a waste...

Anna Bruen: Love your eye look in this. Do you have a video for it?

Cynthia Marrufo: I never knew that you didn't have to use the clip on a curling iron? I'm not very hair savvy so. But thanks for this I now owe you my life!!

mahi mercy: wow it's easy and your beautiful

crisleiry martinez: me gusto mucho

Julie Lewis: Thank you 🌼
Big Loose Curls for Summer! | (Tutorial & Review) 5 out of 5

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Big Loose Curls for Summer! | (Tutorial & Review)