Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Leaked Footage

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Tasnim Hossain: 41:58 lol

The Soviet Union: 3 good years of work and you have to leak it

The Soviet Union: Oh my god im reporting you

Tasty Radroach: looks almost identical

Mark Smith: 42:00
freaking assholes
poorly made A.I.

TheOnlyRobert: 1:06:36 Wait....Rmb + Aim = Aim forward and backwards(WHAAT?Scrapped function?)

CrissVector: 16:52 I notice something different in the beta version the song "Holywood Heights" sounds more slower than the retail version....and you can hear applauses in the background....

stick: Devolter: "The game is going to change! The story will be different from the leak!" doesnt change crap

phdonny: My question is, how exactly was this footage obtained?

Orhan Cetiner: Guys the song that plays at 17:44 is not in the game but still I think it's an awesome track and I want to find it do you know whats the name of the song ?

Fencing Man: Might you be able to send me the game file, I'm too impatient for the editor.

Kranto: 17:45 - The track was scrapped in the release version.

MadJack122: It's freaking magical, whoever hasn't bought it yet go freaking buy it.

Mewwick: Ive already completed the game, all the jacket fan boys get killed, jake gets killed, the corrupt cop is on some movie set and the ginger guy from the first game in the shops is some ex military dude. The last level you take drugs and you play as a head russain mobster and kill all the Russians and the fans on your "trip" ending with you walking off a rainbow bridge appearing from the roof of the building (you jump off in reality) ending there. Theres also only 2 songs that beat the songs from the first game

Corat McRed: So what exactly got changed from this video to the final product?

Julias Keeton: i can't get even to take off his coat after i excecute 2 mobsters, am I missing something

Enclave Trooper: Why this crap needs freaking windows 7????
I'm so freaking pissed right now.

bobby light: your vids sucks balls 

Marc Jacobs: It's out :):):):):):):):):))):):):)

BUSHBOY: Banned in Australia.. FML
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Leaked Footage 5 out of 5

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Souless Deeds: The real Abrams and all of the tracks I worked on "except smoke tracks" used JP8 to make smoke. They basically just injected fuel into the hot exhaust and it was damn effective at making allot of smoke screening. My M88a1s always had working smoke gens mostly because I liked to use them to piss off people. But also for my own pure enjoyment. The M88a1s smoke gens system put out a crazy amount of smoke. But then so would a turbo burning a butt load of oil too lol.
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JameelahTV: Youre not the only one. I don't get it either.   I agree with you about Dietrick Hatton's situation... I feel that the reason Deitrick " fell" is because of the pressure that he got from his parents. 
Michelle Treacy: I'm surprised by the bad comments! These videos are great! But this is one of many videos, you have to watch how to lift up and drop down first THEN this one will be easy. Patience is key :)
GameSniper101: Very well made video and I love that there are time stamps in the description
wow0yunnies: lol, that's funny. Did he get a job offer?
Leaf Gaming: Ciee kena copyright

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Leaked Footage