Pedguin & Hero Play Starbound - Ep 4 - Planet Death

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Pedguin & Hero Play Starbound - Ep 4 - Planet Death
Pedguin & Hero Play Starbound - Ep 4 - Planet Death
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Savannah Jones: Hero is doing that

Optimus Bryce: This is cool

Optimus Bryce: Lol, its 12:21am right now

Josh Greenly: is it just me or is hero taking everything and making ped do all the work?

CATCOM exe: cute intro♡

Beni Idel: Pedguin u r the worst

CowZi: they have hacks!

Daghostyguy: it looks like you found a part of a human penal facility so basicly somewhere in that world there is a human colony...
but they arent friendly....

jason floyd: Anyone else hear the League of Legends found match noise?

mr pancakes: racist freak

Travminer123: That intro is the best

Sisteelin: today I got a fiery buttgun of watershock from a boss...

madzag: Wat's intro and/or outro music?

Jake Day: New sub

SDRAWKCABandFORWARDS: make hunting knives...sooo good + you get leather

SDRAWKCABandFORWARDS: instant karma for hero who took pedguins stuff

Brenton Swart: Don't know if you know, but you can shift click items into/out of chests :)

Nathan HuMan: Why didn't u get the Death Star!

Michael Ring: 11 i like cheddar

SPACOD: I got 4000 Iron Bars with Industrialization mod after an hour mining run on a Level 2 planet. From the craptiest gear I upgraded to the hybrid Furnace/Macerator x2 for both. That means that Pedguin and HERO should mine deeper and for longer intervals of time, maybe offcam...
Pedguin & Hero Play Starbound - Ep 4 - Planet Death 5 out of 5

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David Vallès Montesinos: seems candy hahaha
Jo Fu: Wow 2012 I’m from the future 2017
fridge man: Könntest du mal ein defensives Arkani-set machen ?:) Also das mit Morgengrauen und so ^^
wär echt nice :D

ackthbbft: Saw your posts on a homebrew forum as well as the /r/coffee subreddit. I assume you are using a stout faucet on your pours. Aren't you supposed to be able to push the handle in the opposite direction near the end to get the creaming function and a bigger head (and REALLY give it the Guinness look)? I don't get the impression that you're doing that in the video.
Janine Suggs: my name is Waverly but named aftter the joy luck club not wizard of waverly place
Jennifer Kl: Im from Germany and you are a so fantastic woman , like to look you babe😘
Agnieszka Kras: first u made epic fail and called Antranig Shant, I forgive lmao but generally great interview thank you guys, I had an opportunity to meet Andrew personally - goddamn adorable man ;]

Pedguin & Hero Play Starbound - Ep 4 - Planet Death