Toddler Back Carries With Ring Sling 'RUB' And Hip Scoot

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Toddler Back Carries with Ring Sling
Toddler Back Carries with Ring Sling "RUB" and hip scoot
Back Carry in Ring Sling
Back Carry in Ring Sling
Ring Sling Back Carry
Ring Sling Back Carry
Toddler Hip Carry with a Ring Sling
Toddler Hip Carry with a Ring Sling
Back Carry with a Ring Sling
Back Carry with a Ring Sling

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Eli's Mama: This is such a beautiful video. The bond between you and your daughter is gorgeous. My heart melted when she rested her head on your shoulder. A true reflection of the beauty of babywearing. Thank you so much for posting :)

LexisWake: You make this look so easy hahah

Debra Cuming: Looks like I'm not alone in thinking your daughter is adorable. You're both so smiley!

BabyEtteBoutique: Hi Vicky! You can see a wide variety of wrap and sling types and styles in my shop and website, which are listed at the bottom of the video description above. You can also email me any questions at Beth.BabyEtte at yahoo dot com

vicky clark: i love ur ring sling, but i cant find it on ur website, also i had trouble with the fabric selection lol

Teresa Knecht: You both look like you are having fun!

1eliea: The rings under bum directions are great. However I was worried for your adorable little one when you didn't adjust her seat in the hip carry directions. All she would have had to do is straighten her legs and out she'd go! I'm sure you check this normally but its even more important in an instructional video as others will follow your lead and not check either. Bookmarking for the last set of directions.

BabyEtteBoutique: Thanks so much!

MissKeerah: Wonderful video!! Thank you! You two are just the sweetest thing, it was a joy to watch! And I am excited to visit your etsy shop now. :)

Amy Gillick: You & your baby are soooo cute! This made me smile.

ELMegs13: The little girl is ADORABLE! Thank you!

BabyEtteBoutique: Aww, I'm glad it's helpful to you!!

brillibet: This is great :) Your daughter is so cute!

mochikopillowchan: Wow, this is great!!! I may not need to be a Mei Tai after all. I can just get a longer, prettier sling. Thanks a bunch. Your daughter makes me want to wake mine up and kiss her : )

Sara Sites: awesome!

BabyEtteBoutique: It is comfy and distributes the weight well, just takes a longer sling. I'd also suggest practicing while sitting on a couch or something for safety/comfort while you get used to it and build muscle memory :)

the Gentle Momma: Awesome!! This looks like just what I need to carry my toddler!
Toddler Back Carries with Ring Sling "RUB" and hip scoot 5 out of 5

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jumboJetPilot: I wonder what that specific shade of blue is; beautiful!
sara s: mach eine musik raum
FreezingSlime: Is there a way to change colours??
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Toddler Back Carries with Ring Sling