All About My Dimple/Cheek Piercings (7Months In)

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♥All About My Dimple/Cheek Piercings♥  (7Months In)
♥All About My Dimple/Cheek Piercings♥ (7Months In)
My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring??
My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring??
All About my Cheek/Dimple Piercings! ♡
All About my Cheek/Dimple Piercings! ♡
11 Month Dimple Piercing UpDATE !!
11 Month Dimple Piercing UpDATE !!
Tip For Problems with your Cheek/Dimple Piercing(s)
Tip For Problems with your Cheek/Dimple Piercing(s)

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Bella Garcia: Question babe. One inch first then what's the next size smaller I can use?

Kathy Morenly: Where is your store please ? -xxxx-

Bubbly Hippie: I love love love your hair and your cheek piercings are so cute.

Jasmineflower15: My industrial bar is hard to heal too with the big bubbles on the ends

Em Dee: Use sea salt solution

ToxicTaste22: Really? I cant even tell you are utterly beautiful and you look amazing in everyone of you're videos!!!

Jocelyn Ramos: Very sexy girl

Aida Mason: is it just me or does she sound so much like nicki minaj?

Khrystyn Alvarez: Love your vids, and your suuuuuuper pretty im inlove with ur hair....also your necklace is super cute what is your websites name?

DivasBlingBoutique: Love you girl i see you got haters oh well you got it going on... Keep doing you boo ordering soon. Check me out as well.

Bella Cosmetique: Are you going to IMATS this year?

facciabella85: Very thorough and informative video, they look good on you. :)

Jezdamayel Caster: OH! i just love your hair!! <3 <3 you also look very good with the piercings!!!

9mmloki: Also your makeup will slow down the healing process make sure no make up gets in your piercing * very important*

9mmloki: Lol tell em eli people are so annoying anyways you should do a makeup tutorial for the make up you have in this video c;

Life with the Lawhorns: When it came to the swelling cause the right sidebwanted to act up. Im glad u made this video , it shows me that the long journey i have been down everyone goes through, but ibcan say if i had to do it all over again i would cause i lovevtge outcome of this piercing. Oh ps. My friend had these fir 2 years and said once u take these out for good your face heals but ur left with permanent dimples ! Super stoked!!

Life with the Lawhorns: Ive got cheek piercings and everything u are saying is sooo true ! Im 6 1/2 months in and my right one is still.acting a fool! Every little thing it wants to show out and the leakage the first month is a mother... Omg. Ive got 5mm balls on mine metal with a diamond in the middles. Im glad i found these cause having to change them.out to find some balls i liked sucked. I also started out with flatbacks but i found that tongue ring bars with the balls on.each side helped me alot

elinpapi4baby: yes i was born a man!

elinpapi4baby: so freak OFF

lala lucy: Your voice is fuc*ing annoying
♥All About My Dimple/Cheek Piercings♥ (7Months In) 5 out of 5

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♥All About My Dimple/Cheek Piercings♥  (7Months In)