Wolfenstein: The New Order - Review

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joe bob: freak IGN!

shymickey6: The background music during the first half of this video is too loud and obnoxious!

Level 99: i freaking loved the story and characters in the first half of the game.
the second half was a bit "meh", but still a really good game

BlacK DusK: A game made by jewish world order or (NWO) that we already live in :)

K Black: My score is going to have to be 10 for an action game. I enjoyed every level so much! just a beautiful game.

K Black: I had a blast with this game...best one in the series and I've been with the franchise since the original. I could go on and on about how much I loved it but I need sleep...I've been playing this nonstop for a couple days during my terrible cold. It helped me forget that I was sick.

kameloran 27: Better then cod

TheQualityGamerHD: Should I buy Wolfenstein: The New Order?

TheQualityGamerHD: Should I buy Wolfenstein: The New Order?

SuperJoule: This isnt a review, this is a freaking spoiler if I ever saw one.
Thanks for completely ruining the entire story for me.

Now I dont need to play the game.

submissions72: Copped this for 10 dollars

S2E Lowkz: This game is currently $10.00 on the Xbox store! Sweet!

acrophobe: just bought this game brand new for 13 freakin dollars. man i love buying games years after release.

tasmaniaaaa: this game is a 9.5, these reviews scores... together with metro last light its the best single player fps since half life 1 (yes 1)

Darklight812: Gamespot: “The new order was a good send off for the series.”
The New colossus: “That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo.”

Shubhmay Chauhan: got both new wolfenstein games for total of 12 dollars on psn Halloween sale..money worth spent..just badass game..easy platinum too

Mark Santiago: I like the game soo much that i didnt buy it on sale. I want the devs to have all my money on full price. FINALLY a game with no multiplayer. Multiplayer destroys gaming. The gameplay is topnotch along with its story. To support the devs more, im buying the next game : the new colossus full price. Just wanna pay respects for the devs for a job well done

Billy Holmes: as an American from German decent, and who is proud of a grandfather who lied about his age to go and kill krauts I think it behoves me to get this game and kill every Nazi in sight ... don't get me wrong I am white and I am proud but Nazi must die in memory of gran dad Joe. B .R

kfuffle: i dont care about character development and meaningful story the guy is named BJ ffs hes a fukin relic with a hardon for massive guns and shredding nazis just let him be BJ and do what he does best , i like old shooters i have neither the time nor inclination to involve myself in a story i want instant gratification of violence and bloodshed leave doom quake nd wolfenstein alone !! its as sacrilege as takin a pink flloyd album and askin david guetta to jazz it up freak off its fine as it is !!!

Jayson Javier: WHERE THE freak ARE THE CARS MAN!
Wolfenstein: The New Order - Review 5 out of 5

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Peter DiLallo: I'm sorry. Behemoth won before the song started.
YKEK: Dude your freaking intro is half of the video -.-
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Wolfenstein: The New Order - Review