The Beaver - Movie Review By Chris Stuckmann

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The Beaver - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann
The Beaver - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann
The beaver Review
The beaver Review
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The Beaver Movie Review: Beyond The Trailer
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Peter Smith: I may not be a perfect person but you would never catch me saying bigoted things unless I said, "Did you hear Mel Gibson saying..."

Neil Gabion: Separate the art from the artist. And yes, if we were being followed by cameras, we'd be doing more stupid and crazy crap. Stop judging Mel Gibson. He already repented and asked for forgiveness. Who are we to judge the man?

Classic Modern Review: This movie is underrated.

mercury poizund: Stopped listening at 1 about film...will not bbak

Tj: It’s on AUDHD right now, hit record because, Mel and Jodie and Jennifer Lawerence?!?!? Wtf what is this? Decided to see what reviews on good old YouTube had to say and ANOTHER wtf this move has been Stuckmannized! Positively as well! Wonders never cease time to check this thing out. BTW Chris, I liked what you said about separating the actors from the art or the humans from the characters whatever I forget how you put it, BUT, spot on man, I hear that.

Danielmeir: 6yearold video my goodnes but this movie feels like it was made in 2016

lessly carthan: Chris that lil nikki hair cut hularious.when the new generation calls somthing 1yr old and 5yrs way old i laugh.10yrs is not old 20yrs is, super old Casablanca. I can put and they do terminator 2 back on the big screen its as fresh today as it was same with ghost busters or beverly hills cop those 80s.why this movie works were in the times of feelings and heart i look back on my 25yr career as script writing and i recently trashed 30 Films i wrote why? There not relevent i do art id rather do 1 great then 30 bad if i dont feel i dont 2nd draft and im broke because i will not pass trash.thats why this film works its original fresh and only this cast and crew could pull this off.i watch every eye roll smile crack color and texrure i trust jodie and mel cause i was 8 when talluha bugsy malone came in my life and 12 with mad max me and my family colt classics were 50yrs old now i trust them with my cinema life like i buy run-dmc without question thats this movie im enjoying watching movies cause im 48 i havent seen tv in 2yrs living on the streets the world is a movie where im at in my head oh the next films i write will be like this fresh and new there will be killing and action but im tired of guns and cgi not in my films baby love this art thank you guys

sergioccs74: Wow Chris, what a change, you look a lot more presentable now hahaha

Spectoral: Hah! Six years ago! Chris what are you doing all tucked up in a dark corner trying to be all quiet are your housemates asleep? 😂😉
—Respect, @Spectoral.

Jonathan Medina: watching in 2016, took me forever to watch DA BEVAR!

Death By Internet: Ray Winston. Winston as in Winston Churchill not win stone lol

MegaUltraSuper⁓99: Five years is a long time isn't it?

The Manly Astronaut: I'm watching this in 2016. Chris, you changed. A lot. I mean, A lot.

German Martinez: bring back this look chris <3

Browntable: Wow, this is so old! That hair is smashing.
Btw, I don't know if you're tired, or stoned.

Will P: I consider myself a very sane person. I'm just a casual movie watcher. More of a music guy than a film guy. Usually movies have no huge emotional effect on me. I mean, I can always enjoy a great film and be moved by it but I mean "The Beaver" had me in tears... punching my pillow. Yeah... Not even bullcrapting. Tears. And pillow pounding. Nothing made sense in my life at that moment in time in my life. And it wasn't even because I was moved in any way shape or form by the story. Not those kind of tears. It wasn't like no freaking Good Will Hunting type tears. Its not like i got something out of it morally. My body just couldn't take the tension I had just witnessed. freak Mel Gibson and freak this movie. freak it. A hilariocity review would be pretty on point for this 1.

walkingcubkid: The only thing I didn't like in the movie was the freaking older son, he's such a freaking asshole, and he starts so much crap, and as if he can actually get with Jennifer's character, I really hated that guy.

folladordeprostis: Good movie,but the trailer make it look as a comedy when is actually a drama,jodie foster is a hot MILF

FabulousLakeTahoe: I'll never watch another Mel Gibson movie again, no matter how good it is 'cuz Mel is such an asshole to all the people around him.

moviefan978: yeah i really liked this movie to.
The Beaver - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann 5 out of 5

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The Beaver - Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann