Mario 64 HACKED - Part 24 (FINALE?!)

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lego lucas 124: pbg come back to this game plz

Jaymerzi: “It won’t be more than a year”

PBG, it’s been 3 years!!!!!

21peopleable: still waiting

Maro AKA Malleo: September 27th, 2018

still no sign of the new Mario 64 Chaos Edition video, yet PBG is not dead. He promised us that it wouldn't be a year, and it's been 3. Maybe when my grandkids have grandkids, he'll upload a new video. He said he was addicted to this game, yet he never touched it again. But in one of his videos, he said he might do another Mario 64 Chaos Edition vid. I'll just keep waiting. Forever.

f o r e v e r

Edit: here's that video I mentioned:

YoungGun9934: The first time i played Mario chaos edition. I spat out my food and laughed till my neck,shoulders, hurt i ran out of water and needed it holy motherfreaker this game needs to be made for the public. LOOOOOOL have fun losing health and having objects fly at you the level attacks you MOTHERfreakERS.

cronut: Methinks he forgot or doesnt wanna bother anymore

JadanTL: Why did i check Discord when your video played skype sounds?

spectral sense: I've watched all of em. I enjoy your pain

WHAT WHY: Late 2018 still no part 25

Waffle Slasher: I would really like to see a return of this series because it's amazing if this was a tv show I would watch it all day long please bring it back pbg!!!

SkepticalTile: "it won't be a year"

this my fellow internet browsing people of the internet is probably the number one biggest let down in all of history... the statement, which was publicly released as of may 25th 2015 has taunted many, in the fact that as of today it is august 17th of 2018. many people have probably moved on from this event. moved on a long time ago and continued their lives unknowing of that one tiny itch they couldnt quite get rid of, but didnt know what it was. but i know what it is, and trust me, i havent gotten over it. i havent moved on. i come back to this series every so often, and this is the one moment i dread, this simple statement at the end of this video. pbg even uploaded more videos to this playlist to pretend they are "chaos edition" or maybe to fill the void. but he simply hasnt. i know you havent austin. i need this series to come back, give me a resurgence and a revitalization of hope. you dont understand austin. back in the day i would watch this series and patiently wait for each oncoming episode. i subscribed and paid attention to all your content for this series alone. this series was like arriving to christmas day for me, it felt magical. honestly. and while i love some of your other series too, none could ever come close to this one. there were some memorable ones, like pikmin or mario sunshine sure, but THIS. this series was the be all end all of a playthrough. i have spent a lot of my life doing useless things, things that were unfulfilling, and even things that were great and fulfilling would eventually go away. in fact there are very few things in my life that brought me eternal happiness. (i realize this sounds dark but no, my life isnt crap im just saying this series is really good). and yeah as you could have guessed this series is one of the things that brought me happiness for an extraordinary amount of time. it was great. now, dont scrutinize me, but i am guilty of not watching this series once a year. but thats only because i reserve watching this series to very special points in my life. this year in fact, im going to rewatch the entirety of this series starting from august 29th to the 31st as it will be the last few days i have before going to university. and although i know that regardless of what pbg/austin does i will rewatch the series at a later date once more, i want to hope and wish that he will revive it and continue it, so that one day, one extra special day, i can rewatch it, and continue watching it, until i get a true ending. so please, if you austin, see this it would be amazing for you to pay attention to a long forgotten series, and as for others that see this, itd be great if you could tell him the same thing.

dualsamurai: Why not being the series with pb and Jeff.

Only Jeff is the one who plays.

Nikos Stathis: Ιts 2018 make a part 25 Come on

The Heartbreaker: I don't think he's coming back. It's been 3 years. Poor Mario trapped in this hell of a game

Lionmeow: One day, Mario was walking through the castle. He was holding 32 stars, and wanted to get another. He entered Tiny Huge Island, but something wasn't right. There was an absolutly giant goomba, and it attacked him. He woke up back at the entrance of the castle, with no stars, or memories. Mario tried to move, but quickly realized he was only half in control of his body. The other half was controlled by the goomba. The goomba could only control a little bit of Mario at first, but he soon realized how to control the environment around Mario. The closer Mario got to the goomba, the more the goomba tried to prevent him from getting back to the goomba. After getting 32 stars again, Mario stumbled through the doorway to Tiny Huge Island. The goomba had become all powerful, and was spread across the island. The piranha plants were the control over Mario. After defeating them, the goomba didn't have any power. In its last dying seconds, it congratulated Mario one last time. It then sealed off all escape, so Mario never needed to experience the madness again.

jjdiamondslyer 90: plz niooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Ana Lanzas: 2018? 😐

Rachel Granter: What happened to it won't be a year? It's 2018 I miss this play through it was my favorite

IcyGoomy: It won't be a year (it's been 3)

Orangutan Organ: it's been... 3 years now? Is that right?

🔫😡 As Shia would say; DO IT! JUST... DO IT!
Mario 64 HACKED - Part 24 (FINALE?!) 5 out of 5

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Mario 64 HACKED - Part 24 (FINALE?!)