The Easiest Tool To Curl Your Hair (The Beachwaver)

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The Easiest Tool to Curl Your Hair (The Beachwaver)
The Easiest Tool to Curl Your Hair (The Beachwaver)
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Megan Backofen: What size is the curling iron you are using? I’m trying to decide if the 1 in will be too tight of curls

Karen F: Can't stop looking at that lipstick/gloss! Can you tell me the name of it??

JessicusMaxiumus: Lmao the intro was hysterical.

StuffToWatch: Lol you're funny and thanks for the demo! =)

rarecharisma: Cool video.

bluehearts 201: lol I like how your review was comical + you just get to the point. Nice job!

Vy Crmcr: You cracked me up! 😂

stephanie blaser: OMG love this video! You're hilarious! 😂 #nowfollowing

Wendy Zamor: Omg your hair came out gorg

From Aliona With Love: Love it. Please check out my new Victorias Secret inspired loose wave tutorial xo

Marika: omg this is actually so pretty! i might end up getting one for myself omg

Regina Gonzalez: Why did you prefiered that one that the 1.25 ?

Regina Gonzalez: Where did you but it?

Goonda Singh: can't stop looking at those amazing arms

Spencer Chase: A couple tips from a professional. If the curl is too tight grab the ends when the section comes out of the iron and, while it's still warm, just pull the ends down for a second. Also, what happens when you curl them all in the same direction is that they can all spiral together and create one big curl. The purpose of alternating is that they will stay separated. It's completely your choice which look you prefer. Neither is incorrect. Brushing the hair will loosen and soften the curls and just using your fingers will keep them more separate. One tip is to spray each section with beach spray right before you curl it. This will give the hair some stickiness (as if you just went to the beach, hence the name) as opposed to the "crunchiness" you will get from hairspray! :) funny video by the way!

trentmcjiivers: You've convinced me to start saving my pennies for one of these things. I like having curled hair but I have so much of it and I'm lazy so this seems perfect. Did you find your curls lasted longer?

Stefanie Digre: You're too funny! Loved the video :-)

J Kirby: So I bought one of these and love it it's super quick. But one question. No matter what I try still by the end of my day the curls go flat. Probably cause I have super fine hair. Any suggestions on what I can use, short of a crap ton of hairspray?

wendy z: I'm freaking lazy too this tool was made for me. My bday is in two weeks, I'm going treat myself! Thanks!!
The Easiest Tool to Curl Your Hair (The Beachwaver) 5 out of 5

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The Easiest Tool to Curl Your Hair (The Beachwaver)