Nays Postie Bike Part 2

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Nays Postie Bike Part 2
Nays Postie Bike Part 2
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3rR4h: pity all the episodes are in the reverse order on the playlist - but don't mind clicking to watch this little series. keep up the good work!

Tam Faukner: Good video, thanks! Just found this web page explaining how to adjust the valves in case anyone wants another view:

jossoid: Really enjoy your video's, top work!!

David Dumble: before you fixed the tapping noise it must be been very annoying

Propaganda: I was shouting at my phone saying its the values.. Haha great videos by the way SUBBED

lonestarrider: Very cool Mark! Just now catching up on your vids!

Charles Brian Blackburn: best ending clip yet LOL

Tankerman: Taking it apart before hand is cheating haha. Stay safe

IRON MAN: Are they still 6 volt or have they changed to 12 now ? LMAO one way to feel the wind on your face !

Brian Wynn: try using some sinforce oil mate in your bikes because it is the best up there with penrite, the one oil not to use is castrol because it is the worst just saying  

Brian Wynn: that hard to remove screw it meant to removed with a impact driver or by tapping and turning the screw driver to simulate a impact driver 

Brian Wynn: The problem you are having is the timing chain mate I have had the same sound in my bike replace the timing chain haven't heard the sound since 

TMV: Since it has a bit of a squeak to the noise I'm afraid it might be a spun rod bearing or main bearing. That happens when the crank has worn the bearings down to the point that they can come loose from their holders and spin free inside the crank journal and further chewing and grinding the bearing into shavings. An indicator of this would be when you drain the oil if metallic shavings and dust come out and if you can dig around in the oil sump and get a metallic sludge then you most likely spun a bearing. Hope that's not what it is but the fact that it is still running and not seized means that you should be able to get it repaired with mostly original parts, if that is indeed what happened. Or you know it could just be something as simple as a loose rattling exhaust pipe or something, you could check this by systematically holding things still while the bike is running and see if the noise goes away, like pushing on the exhaust pipe near where it comes out of the engine (with a thick glove on) and that would tell you if you need to replace the exhaust seal or maybe just tighten the exhaust bolts.

Micah from TheMotorcycleVlogs

Albert Tran: A quarter is safer on those inspection covers

Robert Paradis: Like every one else on the timing chain tensioner theme, check the timing chain tentioner. Also have you done a compression test?

Big Joe: Good stuff Mark, and quality video as usual.   I have just started and done my first 2 or 3 and found out is harder then it look.  You Pro make it look so easy...
Looking forward to the next one

Peter.cnp: IS THAT A 90CC ?

ultimadriver: sounds youst like vales that are not seating correctly so check that they are holding fluid if pored on and i set the gap at 0.05mm in and 0.10 exhaust on them.

Lindsay L: Hey Mark I do have to agree with teh last guy I believe that the noise is the cam chain slapping around in the guide beside the barrel its an easy fix there is a cap on the bottom of the crank case undo it inside is a blade screw head do ut up and it should be right you will get a small amount of oil come out when you take the cap off but no more than mabe 2-3 ml then no more than that but I do know that all the info is in your workshop manual have fun with it and enjoy the ride you just have to love the postie bike I have 1 and love going for a ride and the kids love coming in it with dad too anyway good luck with the bike and enjoy yourself nay

amefisto: Hi Mark :) A little pro tip for you guys, valve clearance shoult be done on the ice cold engine. I personaly do not run my motor 2 days before the checking. But the noise from your engine will be the cam chain I believe. Good luck with the investigation :)
Nays Postie Bike Part 2 5 out of 5

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Gometallica12: Does the graphics card switch from intel to nvidia automatically when going into a game?
allentig: wad (what a douche)
aluisious: Waxed cotton is not real motorcycle gear. May as well be a denim jacket, or a hoodie. Zero abrasion resistance. People wore waxed cotton in the day because it was rain perforated waxed cotton is...?? Something for confused hipsters.
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iskateu247: Thankyou very much you helped me a lot. Now I just need to get a battery. Can I ask what battery you are using and what sort of flight times you get with it?
mhs vz: Both. Thank you.

Nays Postie Bike Part 2