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Lance Hunter: The itransmission isn't working for me
It says unable to download

Raina Kessinger: One of the best lectures I’ve ever heard! Wonderfully informative. Thank you so much.
The Great Agitator: I remember seeing this being played in full broadcast quality at E3 '95. A former colleague of mine was involved in the creation of this at CA based SFX house Digital Domain. The sequence was completed in early 1995 and was used extensively in promotion and advertising. FormZ and Alias were used for modelling all assets, animation and rendering was done in SoftImage|3D.
Davey Hi: The actual benchmark is at 4:40 and is under a minute long. The rest is....???
R.N V.H: lol honey.. you go child mmmhhh
игоре паник: i love yakuza series
CompiLand123: I still come back to this video every time I want to cut my bangs straight across. It's the best video on YouTube for this!! 💕

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