Why Bronies Are The Worst Thing Ever

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SolidSonicTH: Kim Possible is a girl's show?

Nexus: I'm straight actually

The Useless Youtuber: 0:00 a legend was born

Lauren Frey: I think you did this all in one breath. That's impressive.

Squidle: HELP

Kithro Games: I don't like bronies

maddy miller: This was a very funny joke that at first I thought was you nitpicking about it but you're showing things that supports the notion that Bronies are awesome. My boyfriend is a brony and I am one myself a female brony.

earth to toddler bitch: Your first argument was dumb af because mlp is for extremely young kids, it's on the same wavelength as calliou or dora the explorer. That's why people who obsess over it are autistic.

Jiopaba: Go to hell. I'll have as many oranges as I like.

herp derp: Jesus Cellspex, this is great

Andre Monteiro: Thus, a legend was born.

Bluefireexodude's channel squad: Well some girls do like most cartoons that boys like. It's not like
There is a law for something that someone likes. Let's say Coco for an example.

Apple wack: 2:19 yeee

NoiseDay: I had no idea having too many oranges was a menace to society. I must be careful whenever I go grocery shopping.

Chrispy Cats: I Myself am not a brony, but I don’t hate people who are bronies.You can watch any show you like.Most of the brony fandom is people making theories,stories, and going to conventions, but there’s a line where it goes to far.my friends 9 year old sister went to a mlp convention for her birthday and while she was there her mom bought her one of the equestria girls sets.A brony shamelessly stole it from her and ran.Sometimes I wonder how much of the brony fandom is ruining MLP for the children who just want to have fun too.

tlru6504g4: It took me a minute to realize this is a sarcastic XD

Clone trooper CT-5555: sexist slut

Clone trooper CT-5555: im a 14 year old bronie so go freak yourself

HistericalGirl27: "No straightman"
shows Neil Patrick Harris

M S: If your right then why do adults and females watch The Amazing World of Gumball
Why Bronies are the Worst Thing Ever 5 out of 5

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TheChicago35: great video..!
Josha007: Can't wait to try the NRG!!
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Why Bronies are the Worst Thing Ever