Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!
SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 In 2018! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 In 2018! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

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Luminous: In my recommended and it is 2018 now...

TheGreatestDuck: 2018?

AGuyWhoAnimatesStuff: I still use this :)

Jessalyn Fennell-Mccarter: I love the Samsung Galaxy S6. For sure my favorite phone. (:

Hyper //Fortnite: Watching on S9

Morris W: this phone is good but I don't like how it does not have a micro SD card slot no removable back you should be able to control all the settings on your phone I am using galaxy note 4 because well micro SD card slot removable back and I got my galaxy note 4 to update to android Oreo and I got a 128 gigabyte micro SD card to work and I won't pay the price for the newer phones anyway I can't afford it and mine works just fine I never had any problems with my galaxy note 4

MushyFroots: 2018??

Jerin Jerome: Watching in my S9+

Sunny Liu: Watching on my s9+ :D

Shane Horne: Nexus 4 had rubber sides

RiU_XD: well the storage can be expanded again...

ne negirdejau: Lol i got 26 edge

Kyle Harrison 2: I remember getting the S6 hot off the shelf after my wife got one.

It was single handedly one of the worst decisions in tech I’d ever made.

I’d used HTC branded android experiences (like the Incredible S) and Xperia (like the Arc) and was coming fresh off of an iPhone 5S.


Siri wrecked me for anything Android could offer me at the time. The S6 was the absolute worst when it came to people like me who lived and breathed hands free voice operation. Siri spoiled me in so many ways.

After 3 months and already noticing touchwiz being throttled performance wise after a couple thousand text messages and a few hundred photos.. and then picking up my iPhone 5S again and it still running butter smooth .. well I’d never sent a phone back to be exchanged ever before but I did just then, for a 6S, and for over a year and a half since I’ve been super happy since.

Now I’m looking for my next upgrade, and there’s some super compelling options Android wise these days!

Jose S Pascual: I think that I is a pretty good phone

RightWingKing: Watching this on my s8 soon my S10/SX

Life With Naomi: Im getting a samsung galaxy s6 this week;)

KHALE GAME GUY: OMG! I have the Samsung galaxy s6 and the same color as Yours blue!

Ichinose Kotomi: Watching on S5
'-' im getting an upgrade... 😌

Dylan McGuire: Qwerty

Hanan Haris: Watching this on my S9
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review! 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!