Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!
SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 In 2018! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 In 2018! (Still Worth It?) (Review)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S6 In 2018 - Still Worth It?
REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S6 In 2018 - Still Worth It?
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!

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Nsingh11: I need something better then nexus 5 but with battery like s3. Any suggestions

Kerem Saltuk: Good job. Nice presentation.

Maki Domo: Im watching it while im pooping.

EASFAN1003/ FranklincountyEAS: Watching on a Samsung J3 2018.....

Giraffe: I got my S6 three ish years ago. With regular use the battery dies in about 2 hours, app crashes all the time, it is extremely laggy and apps can sometimes take ~30 seconds to load and it is even worse when it has low battery. And when the battery reaches about 20-15% it usually randomly jumps to 3% and dies instantly. And finally, it turns off/restarts itself randomly when it feels like it. I am hopefully getting the S10 soon enough ;(

John Butsch: my dad has Samsung Galaxy S6 I think is really great don't listen to other batch stupid reviews I think Samsung and Apple Rock

Its CatChain: Crap I'm using my Samsung Galaxy S6

BOMBvY: This is still my phone and people say it sucks but it is still one of the best phones I've ever used

Joshua Gall: This phone single-handedly got me into phones

lxrdpanda_: damn, this phones almost 4 years old now

FIROZ VAHID: Using since 3 years, no issue except battery problem

Sana Zub: What game is he playing at 4:50?

Zvonimir Gavric: It's October 2018, still rockin with my S6 😁

Which What Tech Tv.: 2018

Ismael Ruiz: 😢I miss my white galaxy s6 until it had to go this past June even though I still have it but all broken and doesn't work☹ but now I'm on s9+ I like it but s6 was my first android phone and my first own phone. Omg so many memories😭

RJMB: Funny watching how far phones have come in such a short amount of time (me watching in 2018)

O'Rourke Animations: Watching this on my s3...

Varlacava: Still using it. Still fast processing like new.

smoton2: I like the Samsung Galaxy S4...I know its discontinued,.I'm looking for one. Love that phone, and just don't want to upgrade. The S6 sounds great, but the battery life, I'm concerned with. Thank s

Arthur Morgan: Damn 3 years ago how time flies.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review! 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review!