Quick Tricks: Concealer 101

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CrazyLazyHousewife: I would love to see you do updated versions of all these old videos!

Chelsea Matthews: @kellyje11y yepp.. because foundation is the FOUNDATION to your makeup, loll

Chelsea Matthews: @angielurvzsweets you suck

Chelsea Matthews: i LOVE the cute music you played in this video.. Made it a very enjoyable. :)

Kelly Jeon: so you do this after foundation, right?

newnoona: hey there... thanks for this wonderful video... when i buy a concealer do i buy one that is the exact color as my normal skin tone or something lighter? thanks in advance.

Judy Wang: LOL "manage to stay in soft lighting all day" hahaa you're so funny!

Mildred Morales: You are so beautiful! And your make up is amazing. Ive learned alot from watching your videos.

Priscilla Basilio: lol "this person was NOT pleased" you're so cute. This video was great :)

Emily Laurin: Hey Emily! Thanks so much for letting us get a close up of all your problems haha. Lets us know that you're normal and have the same kinds of problems as us. Keep up the great work!

AmberPlaster: love it! I just made a video on how i use liquid concealer!

LaurieGirlie101: What do you recommend for a concealer on a teenager who has trouble finding one that actually covers the dark circles and acne and something that's long lasting? Please answer! Thanks! =) ~Laur

97grad: Another informative video Emily, I too was not sure when to use cream or liquid concealer but not anymore. Thanx

tricia685: When the video first started I was a little disappointed that it wasn't live, but it turned out way better with pictures! I've been using a cream concealer for my undereye area for a while, but you've just convinced me to try a liquid. LOVE your videos, Emily (and hilarious about the soft lighting, I hear ya!)

mabeliita: This video was so helpful, I´m just learning to do my makeup and was always wondering if I could use the same concealer for my pimples and my undereyes circles, thanks and also your "laying the foundation" is really good too.

Hulyan Maya: hi! really helpful. thanx.

emilynoel83: I think the mineral power is better simply because it is less visible on the skin when worn with foundation. The physicians formula stuff is good, but it's thicker and therefore can look cakey at times

cherylaf: awesome video! i love how you describe everything :D

Lydia H: with blemishes you can put green concealer on before regular concealer to neutralise the redness : D

uscpharm07: it's not fair cause you look beautiful even with blemishes :P hehe. I like how you went over the different types of products and multiple options in the beginning before the tutorial ~ very nice vid!!
Quick Tricks: Concealer 101 5 out of 5

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Quick Tricks: Concealer 101