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Logan Movie REVIEW!
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123rockfan: There was so much violence that it made the dramatic scenes less impactful. I know it's a cliche, but less is more

TraveledTurtle: Vic... never stop! Been watching since I a young pup! Keep up the good fight sir!

Malo M J: movie is easily a 9.5 ....your right...it's the best super hero movie ......it's real

joceja23: anyone know the music playing in the background?

Oliver Walsh: Logan dies

Tyler L: This movie was amazing. I hope whoever is making the Last Of Us movie watches this

force Thrown: Gotta See THIS FRIDAY!!

Ashflow Ramza: JOEL AND ELLIE!!!

UrbanaSupernovA: Great analysis! Really digging your videos, Vic. Keep up the great work!

No OnE ParaDox: I'm looking forward to X-23 the most.

Hallècque: Too satanic John, too sataniiiiic.

Bleak5170: So excited to see another X-men flick NOT directed by Bryan Singer.

CoinOpTV: I wanna see Logan!

Canadian Turtle: My dreams have come true. Ever since I saw Victor come on HGC's show, I was like "damn, wouldn't it be cool to have these 2 do reviews together often?" Honestly, this channel is gold for me because of the chemistry between you two

Jeremy Komarnicki: I am so glad to hear that this is a great movie! As a lover of all the X-titles- New Mutants Being My favorite, I am so happy to see fox handle this IP with some care.

Makes me think, If they could somehow incorporate, Bill Sienkiewicz, art style into a movie, a New Mutants movie could be the best movie of all time.

marsupius: it sounds like this review was scripted by fox. they saw that deadpool made money, so they think anything R rated and dark will make money. Bunch of assholes.

Renee Moore: Really like this review! It's the most thorough one I've seen and I cannot wait for this movie!! Will def see it twice!!!

JKB: Has Johnny lost 10 pounds? Looking good John. Looking good.

jeff martin: have you done a review on the batman android games https://arkhamunderworld.com/#!/

SanAntonioian17: Good review, guys. But, I'll pass on this movie (Logan) for I just don't like X-Men live action movies & dislike the whole "The Last Of Us" vibe. Plus, two Wolverine movies were mediocre & I doubt that third movie will change my mind.
LOGAN MOVIE REVIEW!! - Reviews on the Run - Electric Playground 5 out of 5

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Sean Maher: Pretty disingenuous stuff. You don't have to like the Iranian regime to know it is severely threatened by the west and sees a nuke as vital. They know that the west is responsible for millions of Iranian deaths in the last century - due three invasions and a coup - and thanks to hawks like Hitchens and the dense surrounding network of US bases, another invasion could easily happen. He pins all the blame on those nasty Ayatollahs, happily ignoring history for once in order to ingratiate himself with Washington's worst.
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LOGAN MOVIE REVIEW!! - Reviews on the Run - Electric Playground