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Logan - Movie Review
Logan - Movie Review
Logan - Movie Review
Logan - Movie Review
Logan Movie Review
Logan Movie Review

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123rockfan: There was so much violence that it made the dramatic scenes less impactful. I know it's a cliche, but less is more

TraveledTurtle: Vic... never stop! Been watching since I a young pup! Keep up the good fight sir!

Good shit: movie is easily a 9.5 ....your right...it's the best super hero movie ......it's real

joceja23: anyone know the music playing in the background?

Oliver Walsh: Logan dies

Tyler L: This movie was amazing. I hope whoever is making the Last Of Us movie watches this

The Hypocrit Heretic: this movie brought me to tears.

force Thrown: Gotta See THIS FRIDAY!!

Ashflow Ramza: JOEL AND ELLIE!!!

UrbanaSupernovA: Great analysis! Really digging your videos, Vic. Keep up the great work!

No OnE tHe OtHeR: I'm looking forward to X-23 the most.

Alek Germain: Too satanic John, too sataniiiiic.

CoinOpTV: I wanna see Logan!

Canadian Turtle: My dreams have come true. Ever since I saw Victor come on HGC's show, I was like "damn, wouldn't it be cool to have these 2 do reviews together often?" Honestly, this channel is gold for me because of the chemistry between you two

Jeremy Komarnicki: I am so glad to hear that this is a great movie! As a lover of all the X-titles- New Mutants Being My favorite, I am so happy to see fox handle this IP with some care.

Makes me think, If they could somehow incorporate, Bill Sienkiewicz, art style into a movie, a New Mutants movie could be the best movie of all time.

marsupius: it sounds like this review was scripted by fox. they saw that deadpool made money, so they think anything R rated and dark will make money. Bunch of assholes.

Renee Moore: Really like this review! It's the most thorough one I've seen and I cannot wait for this movie!! Will def see it twice!!!

3killabytes: Has Johnny lost 10 pounds? Looking good John. Looking good.

jeff martin: have you done a review on the batman android games https://arkhamunderworld.com/#!/
LOGAN MOVIE REVIEW!! - Reviews on the Run - Electric Playground 5 out of 5

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LOGAN MOVIE REVIEW!! - Reviews on the Run - Electric Playground